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Should Immigrant Youth Trust Obama?


David Brown and Patrick Martin of wsws don’t think so, either. In their article, “Obama’s Cynical Gesture to Immigrant Youth” they have put together a more comprehensive argument than my initial one, which was based on the merciless sirens of cognitive dissonance that bounce around in my skull every time Obama opens his mouth.

Not that they don’t have strong feelings also. They call this “gesture” of Obama’s “CYNICAL” and “SELF-SERVING” and a probable “TROJAN HORSE.” Read more about Should Immigrant Youth Trust Obama?

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The casual poetry of a structural issue

It's become a political cliché in this election season that Obama and his campaign have been largely about process issues ("politics, not policy") and that there is a large segment of the Democratic Party that is surprisingly passionate about process issues and see in Obama a way to bring process issues to the fore. This attitude towards process issues stretches back to the Dean campaign. Whether this attitude is justified is another matter, but it's becoming clear that it's not an issue that is likely to win a general election, and that the Obama campaign's focus on meta issues has been at the expense of issues that matter to another important voting bloc, and this might even cost him a nomination that for a time seemed to be practically his. Read more about The casual poetry of a structural issue

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Because Dreaming is Not Enough (Vlog 1-23-08)

CLICK the pic to the left to find yourself magically transported to a page hosting my latest MTV Street Team '08 video, which was shot in Eugene, Oregon at a Martin Luther King Jr rally and march on January 21, 2008.

All shooting, editing, and sleeplessness by Nezua. Read more about Because Dreaming is Not Enough (Vlog 1-23-08)

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Tomorrow Belongs to Me

Good news from UCLA. Yes, I'm taking a break from cleaning, but I'll keep this short so I don't get sucked into sitting in this chair while dust still swirls. Here's the money quote:
Read more about Tomorrow Belongs to Me

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