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FITH watch: Americablog Retro Edition

Lambert has alluded to this post a couple of times in passing, but I wanted to make sure it was included in the FITH Watch archive (to which I'll be linking in my next post), as it's one of the classics of the genre: Americablog's "Shameless HiIllary blames all of us for her sick 'assassination' remarks on Friday, which have redefined th Read more about FITH watch: Americablog Retro Edition

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Today in WWTSBQ v 2.0


Here's the latest example of WWTSBQ 2.0:

Obama is going to be the nominee. Those who cannot endure that thought need to turn their attention to down ballot races or issues they care about.

Sorry, but last time I checked this race wasn't decided yet. Until then, it's pretty simple. Read more about Today in WWTSBQ v 2.0

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WV, KY, Me and Our Message to the Hillary Haters


I interrupt work on my dissertation to join WV, KY in giving a great big cheek scratch to the media and Obama's WWTSBQ minions in the blogosphere. Here's my song dedication to ya'll. (You can fast-forward to the last minute or so.)

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