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Washington D.C.

"House of Cards": A Gumbo of the Obsequious and Salacious Goings on in D.C.

"House of Cards" with Kevin Spacey which started yesterday on Netflix is, from what I've seen so far, on the money, so to speak, regarding our corrupt crony capitalist system . It was a hit in the UK, so Netflix decided to gamble and produce it themselves. They got David Fincher and the guy that wrote the political thriller "Ides of March", Beau Willimon, to write the scripts. You can watch all 13 episodes at once too. Read more about "House of Cards": A Gumbo of the Obsequious and Salacious Goings on in D.C.

Keeping busy for single-payer advocates

In the unlikely event that you don't have enough to do, here are some single-payer healthcare events for your amusement:

Labor Day parades turn out to be a big venue for promoting single payer healthcare. You may want to check out your local event. Here in Pittsburgh we'll be handing out leaflets, as well as marching with the letter carriers. If any of you Pittsburghers want to come, look for us at "Freedom Corner" (Center and Crawford) or at the City-County Building before the parade. Most of us will be wearing red or orange shirts. Read more about Keeping busy for single-payer advocates

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Hurricane of H.I.V.

AND WILL THEY SAY nobody could have foreseen the weakness of the levees?

For the first time, Washington D.C. has collected data on H.I.V. and found that in the nation's capital, the "modern epidemic"—as the Washington Post calls it—is now primarily one affecting blacks. Read more about Hurricane of H.I.V.

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