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Q and A: Priceman

I have Joslyn Stevens's permission to repost this interview.


This week I conducted an interview with a progressive populist I follow on twitter, Priceman, whose annoying habit of using facts and common sense with a dose of in-your-face realness to prove his points tends to piss off democrats over at the “progressive” DailyKos. I feel it’s necessary to showcase often ignored voices representative of the people who speak truth to power and will continue to do so on a weekly basis. Read more about Q and A: Priceman

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Dodd's Alternative Proposal Is Up

Steven Benen has the main points up.

Krugman appears to be at least somewhat impressed.

Chris Bowers at Open Left has the link to the PDF forty page document, plus some analysis that suggests Dodd's version carries some poison pills of it's own that Bush and Paulson will have a hard to impossible time swallowing. To which I say, great, no bailout, then.

A friend tells me that Barney Frank's House version is the better of the two, but I don't have any links on what it contains. Read more about Dodd's Alternative Proposal Is Up

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