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UK anti-TTIP protests reflect urgent need in both US and UK for explicit "carve outs" in FTAs to protect the full health care policy space, including single payer, an NHS system or whatever is necessary to bring about real affordable health care

From euractiv comes an article about the uproar over NHS privatization.. which is being blotted out of the UK media...
UK anti-TTIP protests to focus on NHS privatisation.
I'm quoting it here:

“Locking in liberalisation laws”

But protestors are still worried that once a service is privately owned, it will become “extremely difficult” to renationalise it.

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The return of serfdom

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What If the US Didn't Join the Race to the Bottom?


Deficit terrorism has lately turned to deficit hysteria. With Germany leading the way, most Eurozone countries appear ready to implement austerity programs. The United Kingdom, under its new Conservative/Liberal overlords, appears to be taken with austerity too. And Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan have all jumped on the bandwagon. But it doesn't look like this bandwagon will include Brazil and Argentina. They've had their fill of austerity, and the prescriptions of the IMF, and they're not taking on neo-liberal ideology again any time soon. Read below the fold...

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The Violence we Live with

On the same day that a man who repeatedly raped and impregnated his two daughters was given 25 life terms and the man who fled to India and married a second wife to hide from prosecution for rape and murder was sentenced, word is out about the new forced marriages law in the UK. The one they didn't think was necesssary. Read below the fold...

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The ER: How health insurance parasites make money by keeping us waiting

How hospitals are killing E.R. patients:

Keep in mind that divert status has nothing to do with being insured! Some of the reasons are: 1. Because emergency rooms can't refuse treatment, they lose money on the uninsured, and many hospitals are closing their emergency departments; 2. Patients who are uninsured or underinsured use emergency rooms for primary care and/or wait until their conditions get serious, thus ending in emergency.

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The Iron Fist Shows Itself: BAE Investigation and Saudi Terrorism

In a sane world, this would be explosive news that would lead to world governments coming together in a massive judicial and law enforcement effort. Can I call their BFFs "traitors" now, please? Wild-eyed conspiracy foilsheet The Guardian
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Implanting British Prisoner with Computer Chips

God Save the Queen! I'm sure we won't be far behind. The original link is 404 now, but there were about a million blog posts on it, including no less than Wired's Bruce Sterling. I found it via Helen and Harry. Heh, grrl, I'm "hungry, angry and horny" too.
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