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Tom Daschle

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Good Tom, Bad Tom


When he's not on MTP to save us from those dastardly insurance companies or to fiercely advocate for a public government insurance option, what does Tom Daschle do with his free time? Golfing? A beach getaway? Or perhaps, Read below the fold...

So, which Republican will Obama ask to replace Tom Daschle?

CNN crawl [and now Pravda]: "White House: Tom Daschle asks President Obama to withdraw his nomination for health and human services secretary."

Of course, we all knew Daschle was going down when he got, from Obama, what in baseball is called the "vote of confidence."

I guess the more serious version of my question would be this:

Will Obama go right, or left? Toward single payer, or away from it?

UPDATE From Pravda, above: Read below the fold...

Can't anybody here play this game?

So, I'm cruising around to see if there's a 5:00 Horror I missed, and what do I see but this headline in tomorrow's Pravda:

Daschle Owed Back Taxes That Exceeded $128,000
Former Senator Paid Days Before First Confirmation Hearing

Daschle paid the back taxes just six days before his first Senate confirmation hearing, the report said.

Read below the fold...
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Blueprint for change from our new Corporatist overlords


No one should be mistaken. There has not been, nor will there ever be, a purely plebeian owned and operated society of significance. Read below the fold...

Why am I not re-assured by this?

From the Department Of Oh! That Might Explain Things this, via TPM:

Obama has strong ties to the Daschle world.

Well, great. Just what we need. Let's return the Democratic Party to the great days of 2002.

Why am I never cynical enough?

I thought I was really pushing it when I compared Obama's vacuous Unity strategery to what Harry and Nancy tried in 2006. Read below the fold...

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