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Is The Real Split Over Clinton v. Obama?


Or are these two the true problem?

I thought it was going to devolve into one chanting "Sticks and Stones" over the other chanting "I'm rubber, you're glue." Read more about Is The Real Split Over Clinton v. Obama?

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Sunday Gasbaggery: All The Rest


Disasters of War
Disaters Of War

Condi Rice was everywhere this morning. And everwhere that Condi went, her devotion to George Bush was never far behind.

Speaking from the G-8 conference, Condi was robotic, repetitious, unspontaneous, and unconvincing, perhaps because her discussion and explanations were studded with talking points.

She didn't sound like a Secretary of State, she sounded like a low-level spokesperson spouting propoganda. Read more about Sunday Gasbaggery: All The Rest

This Week: McConnell, Durbin, Loud Obbs on RT

Dick Durbin was doing a fairly good job on ThisWeek against senile-when-he-wants-to-be Mitch McConnell, hammering on the point that the drawdown plan "leaked" by Gen. Casey this week happens to match in fairly precise detail the withdrawal plans advocated by the better class of Senate Democrats this week. (Of course McConnell had nothing to hammer on but "Our brilliant president's brilliant strategy must be the right one because we haven't been hit again since Sept. 11." Is this not a wearing a little thin as the number of Americans lost since 9-11, 2600+ and rising at 3 or so a day, is rapidly approaching the number lost on 9-11? Somehow I fail to see the logic here.) Read more about This Week: McConnell, Durbin, Loud Obbs on RT

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