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If You Cook It ($35,000 T-day Dinner) the 1%ers Will Come!


According to Erik Sherman in “Restaurant's Decadent Thanksgiving Feast: $35,000 for 4” The Old Homestead Restaurant on Manhattan’s lower west side offered for Thanksgiving a $35,000 celebration for four people ($8,750 a person). The offer extended was to accommodate 3 groups of four.

By Tuesday two of the three celebration packages had been snapped up. One of the buyers was reported to be from a financial institution in NYC and another an out-of-towner. Read more about If You Cook It ($35,000 T-day Dinner) the 1%ers Will Come!

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Thursday morning music

Williams S. Burroughs - A Thanksgiving Prayer

And a request from the community after the break.

Please let me know if you can play this: Read more about Thursday morning music

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Slaughterhouse Jive

Lest the Taste Be Not So Sweet

We all of us have blind spots
We all see what we choose to see
We have looked into the abyss
We have felt outrage fatigue

So sue me if I'm a downer
But know of what you eat
When you eat your turkey
You're eating misery Read more about Slaughterhouse Jive

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