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Sadism & Racism: America’s Juvenile ‘Justice’ System

David Swanson in “Juvenile Prison: $5 Billion for Child Abuse” writes:

Solitary confinement greatly increases suicide rates, and yet is used as a punishment for the offense of being suicidal. ... it is part of a process that fundamentally destroys our young people, a process which we pretend improves them.


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Does suicide have a hierarchy of tragedy?

Aaron Swartz' suicide has produced an outpouring of grief and anger from many quarters. The disproportionate nature of the charges filed against him produced a lot of Who Breaks a Butterfly Upon a Wheel? commentary. Read more about Does suicide have a hierarchy of tragedy?

Media/Public Schadenfreude Collateral Damage-Nurse Suicide

It seems most of American TV anchors and commentators, local or national, are enthralled by the “Jon Stewart complex.” They and/or their writers and/or their producers can’t resist smirkily delivering puerile and sensationalized disclosures aimed at, or more likely cultivating in their viewers, an insatiable lust for gotcha-schadenfreude. Read more about Media/Public Schadenfreude Collateral Damage-Nurse Suicide

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The Obama economy



Cop here. I have seen a large increase in suicides this year and I don't know why. For my Cake Day I'd like to Ask Reddit to look out for each other and know that there are resources put there if you need them. And to ask Wgat can you do today to save someone's life?

Truly heart rending post. Read more about The Obama economy

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Suicide in the United States


October 21, 2008

Largest Increase Seen in Middle-Aged White Women

(September 3, 2009: Correction made to second paragraph, replaces suffocation for poisoning.)

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The Bad Magician and a Sinecure of Poison

The Bad Magician has already not existed. He has already forgotten the future. The circle is complete but abstract. The Bad Magician awakens in the melting ice. The water runs along his fingers in streams of kinetic lines. His head elevated, his back arches, his cloak sweeps its blackness skyward. Rising, rising, rising. Time to go see the great Sinecure of Poison. Read more about The Bad Magician and a Sinecure of Poison

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