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The Number Two Reason Canadian Healthcare is Free And Equal to All Canadians

Over the last few weeks we've been seeing a drama slowly unfold in the UK. We in the US should be watching this very closely, because our own fate is closely tied to the fate of the Brits. Unfortunately, the US media, controlled as it is by five corporations, is almost completely blanking out the UK story. And the very few US stories that have mentioned it are neglecting to tell us the core issues at all, of course. Why? Because it's a trip down the rabbit hole they call neoliberalism. Read more about The Number Two Reason Canadian Healthcare is Free And Equal to All Canadians

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Single-payer advocate meets the progressive blogosphere

[In view of the ongoing blogosphere-wide zombie infestation, I'm belatedly cross-posting this November, 2009 item from my blog.]


An OFFICIOUS GENTLEMAN sits at a desk and regards a VISITOR'S somewhat awkward entrance. An empty chair faces the desk.


Hello, is this the, uh... progressive blogosphere?


Oh, yes indeed! In fact, this is the A-list of the selfsame!


Ah, very good! Very good.


I had some questions.

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Messaging Madness, FireDogLake Edition

I admit it, I signed Firedoglake's "kill the bill" petition, and due to that momentary burst of enthusiasm, I am now on the FDL mailing list.

Today I received this gem in my Inbox:

Hi MadamaB,

You were one of almost 40,000 activists who signed our petition to kill the Senate's bill - thanks so much for your support.

While the Senate's terrible health care bill passed early on Christmas Eve, the fight is far from over. Each chamber of Congress has to vote for a final bill that has yet to be shaped. At that point, President Obama's signature will deliver the final word on health care reform.

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What's The Plan, Man?

What's going on with the latest health care kabuki theater in the "progressive", er, regressive blogosphere? Well, apparently quite a bit, in the last couple of days.

Let's review. Ezra Klein has already dutifully picked up on the cues I spoke of last week, and has begun asplaining to us dummies out here how the public option really isn't all that important. Read more about What's The Plan, Man?

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Negative Future Projection Vs. Medicare Equality for All

How we look at things matters.

How we choose to look at things matters.

How we think about things matters.

If we assume, as our fearless unelected leaders in the occult cabal clique-who-must-be-obeyed have, that outcome A is hopeless, we will clearly be unable to take steps to achieve outcome A.

This is negative future projection, and it is a cognitive style with behavioral implications.

Weirdly enough, this aberrant cognitive style has gone viral, and has nearly wiped out Medicare Equality for All, as an outcome.

It's like one of those dog-torture scenarios: delivering electric shocks that are unavoidable, so the dog sinks deeper and deeper into hopelessness, then goes belly-up, and submits and dies. Read more about Negative Future Projection Vs. Medicare Equality for All

Did this happen? If it did, then it's the Gen X Smoking Gun.

This from Susie's blog stuck in my mind:

Mo on 15 Oct 2009 at 6:54 am

I blame the collapse of health care reform in the 90s with the Brittney/Christina/N’Sync/etc. wave of music a few years later. Day jobs that artists generally take stopped paying for health insurance, and parents stopped supporting their twenty-somethings trying for a creative career. Probably is also a big chunk of the reason for the collapse of the indie film scene in the US.

I know we take now that lack of support for anything non-MBA for granted, and the era of grunge soon turned into another bubble. But the early 90s were different. Read more about Did this happen? If it did, then it's the Gen X Smoking Gun.

Sound off to Specter: If we had single-payer, would you become an entrepreneur?


Reposting from Ms. Madrak:

I just got off a conference call with Arlen Specter where I asked him why the Democrats don’t talk about the wave of entrepreneurship that would be unleashed if people knew they could leave their jobs, start a business and still get affordable health coverage for themselves and their families.

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That is the question

Why would any educated society rely on a health care system that has a stated fiduciary responsibility to extract as much money from its customers while giving them as little care as possible?

- Comment by Harry Mangalam on Paul Krugman's blog Read more about That is the question

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Mom's experience with Medicare part C

Just one anecdote, and a mild one at that. I know: the plural of "anecdote" is not "data". So take it as you will.

My Mom is enrolled via Medicare part C in an HMO whose name will be changed to protect the people working for it who bent the rules a bit. I'll refer to it as MPCHMO. Mom is mostly pretty much happy with MPCHMO. Bear that in mind as you read.

Mom recently found herself suffering from a bewildering array of vague symptoms which were reducing her quality of life dramatically. Age-related? She decided to check it out. Read more about Mom's experience with Medicare part C

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Jim McDermott on Single payer: "It's in our face. We can't avoid it"

This past Sunday, Representative Jim McDermott (D-WA) looked into our future and saw a single-payer health care system in it!

It's in our face," McDermott told a university healthcare group in a speech, according to the Monterey County Herald. "We can't avoid it. That's why something is going to happen."


"There will be a campaign to support this from the grass roots. You need to place pressure on your congressman," he said. "They will react to people asking them, why don't you do something? There's no question people can make a real impact."

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Live Blog Tonight at 5pm - Healthcare-NOW!

[Welcome TalkLeft, Agonist, and Digby readers! --lambert]

Greetings! My name is Katie Robbins and I am the Assistant National Coordinator for Healthcare-NOW! and I will be "live blogging" right here on building the movement for single-payer national health care tonight, Sunday, November 23rd from 5pm -6pm! Please bring questions, ideas, and topics to discuss. Read more about Live Blog Tonight at 5pm - Healthcare-NOW!

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Work to do! my part 2: Single Payer Health Care

(Following up on this post and this one in the series)

The second of my chosen areas of emphasis is getting Single Payer Health Care more into the public awareness and mainstream thinking, and, of course, ultimately to get HR 676 or something very like it passed into law in this country. Read more about Work to do! my part 2: Single Payer Health Care


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