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A Peek At "First Look"

Glenn Greenwald writes a long e-mail, revealing a few details about First Look, the new news venture he is a part of, and then discusses the Snowden NSA documents. Read more about A Peek At "First Look"

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Sunshine Week transcript! HuffPost Live Panel: Least Transparent Ever?

The self-proclaimed "most transparent Administration in history" just rejected more FOIA requests than ever, a 22% increase. Just how transparent is this White House?

This is my last Sunshine Week transcript, and this one is notable for the spectacle of watching former National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor effortlessly turn questions of substance into answers of nerf. And he's so nice! Who could be mad? Read more about Sunshine Week transcript! HuffPost Live Panel: Least Transparent Ever?

Delaware beats Switzerland as most secretive financial center


As a testiment to Delaware's secrecy, I barely knew it existed.


Move over Switzerland. The tiny state of Delaware beats the Alpine country in a contest for the most secretive financial jurisdiction, a tax justice rights group said on Saturday.

The United States, led by the eastern seaboard state, took in $2.6 trillion in deposits from non-resident corporations and individuals in 2007, according to a survey of financial jurisdictions analyzed by the Tax Justice Network.

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In Country 09

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Freedom Marching On At Home

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You guys all know that economics make my head hurt, but this seemed pretty important.

Bottom line

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What Did Mussolini Call It Again?


I think it starts with an "F." I'm sure duct tape manufacturers will be included:
Read more about What Did Mussolini Call It Again?

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Hookers Take Credit Cards

So when I read about stuff like this, all I want to do is laugh/cry at the idea that I'm supposed to be paranoid and afraid. Really, this is our money they're spending, and when they're not sifting through 50,000 of today's phone calls about what to order on the pizza and how Aunt Millie's corns are bothering her again, they're off chasing cheap women in grungy brothels in Central America? I'm supposed to be impressed? Read more about Hookers Take Credit Cards

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It's Getting Closer

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