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Dianne Feinstein, Ted Cruz and the value of principles

The sharp exchange between the two Senators was based in part on Cruz' appeal to abstract principle. We should take him at his word, and go where those principles, as stated, lead to.

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Don't Take Your Guns To Town

Now, as a good ol’-fashioned Southern girl, I always try to give credit where credit is due…and I’ve always been fair about givin’ credit to the Right for their amazing ability to make people vote against their own best interests. Despite all the Right’s talent, I was still amazed that they managed to motivate (translate: terrify) people into protesting an issue that doesn’t even exist. Now that’s somethin’!

Today, hundreds of pro-gun folks swarmed Washington to protest the non-existent Obama plot to repeal the Second Amendment. Un-Fuckin’-Believable! Read more about Don't Take Your Guns To Town

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SCOTUS May Overturn DC Gun Ban

Dadburn it, I can't find the story I was reading the other day about this now. But there's an extra layer here: the guy in this case is a gay man, and had the help of a bunch of gay-rights groups to get this case as far as it did. His argument was that as a gay man, the streets are extra unsafe for him. He was chased by a gang of kids while walking down the street with his partner. He claims if he'd not brandished a gun, they would've severely beaten or killed him. What do you think? Is this a useful argument to make, for anyone gay or str8? Read more about SCOTUS May Overturn DC Gun Ban

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