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Media/Public Schadenfreude Collateral Damage-Nurse Suicide

It seems most of American TV anchors and commentators, local or national, are enthralled by the “Jon Stewart complex.” They and/or their writers and/or their producers can’t resist smirkily delivering puerile and sensationalized disclosures aimed at, or more likely cultivating in their viewers, an insatiable lust for gotcha-schadenfreude. Read more about Media/Public Schadenfreude Collateral Damage-Nurse Suicide

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Book him Dano!

Prosecute News Corp.

The U.S. government should go after Murdoch's media company for its corrupt practices and revoke its TV licenses if it's found guilty.

Be sure to check out The Guardian's yummy phone hacking coverage.

UPDATE: Is News Corp Finished - Senator Rockefeller Tells Feds to Investigate Fox Hacking of 9/11 Victims

UDATE 2 Hey NYC Read more about Book him Dano!

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Someone Owes Lambert an Apology

Ahem. This one is for you, Loyal Corrente Readers. You don't all think alike, you don't all march to the same tune, and I'm really proud you don't ignore the warnings of the Wise like some lem- I mean folks. He hasn't made a decision about the "blogger controversy" yet, but the more time that passes, the more a prophet Lambert looks. Kudos, friend, I'm proud to write with you. Read more about Someone Owes Lambert an Apology

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