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Ho Lieberman is Bush's squeaky play-toy

The Last Honest Man votes with Republicans not to debate Iraq.

Let's just not talk about it, OK?

What cowards Republicans are. Wusses, all of 'em. Starts with the whole chickenhawk thing, ends with them not even being willing to stand up to defend their own trillion-dollar Clusterfuck. Damn pitiful.

NOTE Oh, and Senator Warner voted against his own resolution. Snicker. So much for being Bipartisan: Read more about Ho Lieberman is Bush's squeaky play-toy

Wussy Republicans

Sweet Jeebus, the Senate anti-Democrats are going to filibuster the Iraq resolutions? Even their own?

What are they so afraid of?

What's wrong with a debate on the merits?

And, whatever happened to "up or down" votes? Read more about Wussy Republicans

Ho Lieberman and Hugh Hewitt make such a cute couple

The delusional, fascist rump of the Republican Partei--please, please, can we start calling them The Rump instead of The Base--are purging and surging (and binging on Cheetohs). Hugh Hewitt [DCOW] has posted a pledge: Read more about Ho Lieberman and Hugh Hewitt make such a cute couple

When Republicans and the SCLM yammer about "bipartisanship," remember this

[C&L readers, welcome! The United Arab Emirates post you expected is here.]


The House on Friday overhauled the board supervising its teenage pages, responding to a scandal that left youngsters vulnerable to a lawmaker's sexual come-ons and helped Democrats win control of Congress.

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Closeted Atheists and Politics

Confession time...

In 2006, I ran for the US House against an unholy a far-right DINO and lost in the Primary. I drop the phrase, "I placed second in a three-way race", to either joke-it or to save face--it could be either. In reality, the incumbent got 86.2%, I got 10.0% and Mr.Last Place got 3.8%. Read more about Closeted Atheists and Politics

First, they came for the children

The excellent Pachacutec on ICE concentration camps for children who, having been born here, are US citizens.

See, it can happen here.

And it can happen to you.

Oh, wait. They're brown-colored. Sorry. Forget I posted. Read more about First, they came for the children

General in Pentagon Christianist video also abused rank to solicit campaign contributions for Republicans

What a surprise:

Featured in the video are four generals and three colonels, including Maj. Gen. Jack Catton Jr., who is on active duty at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia. Catton was investigated by the Air Force last spring after he sent an e-mail from his work account urging Air Force Academy graduates to contribute to a Republican candidate for Congress.

Dems on holding Republicans accountable for Foley: "Na ga happen." Why?

Does anyone else think this stinks? From ABC's KGO affilliate in, erm, San Francisco:

[Democratic] Representative Howard Berman: "The most important contribution this report makes, and it does it well, is to tell the story of what happened."

And then Berman refused to take any questions.

The committee wrote it "...was disturbed by the conduct of some of those who dealt with allegations of Foley's behavior.

Republicans "willfully ignorant"

Of course, that's true about Republicans in general, on any subject whatever, including Iraq, but in this case we're talking about the Ethics committee report on Republican Foley's pedophilia:

Foley panel: GOP didn't protect pages
The panel said it discovered a pattern of conduct among many "to remain willfully ignorant of the potential consequences" of Foley's conduct.

"That's a hell of an act! What do you call it?"

That's the setup for the punchline to the famous joke, The Aristocrats! Now, it may be that with the Iraq Study Group, the long-running and incredibly vile "family act" that the Bush malAdministration has been putting on for the American people is about to reach some kinda awful climax and punchline--"The Aristocrats!"--as well. We can only hope. Read more about "That's a hell of an act! What do you call it?"

Republicans "tear up the tracks" as they surrender Congress to Dems

Oh my goodness! I thought they were going to be Bipartisan! (I guess they were just curious...) Online Wall Street Journal:

Like a retreating army, Republicans are tearing up railroad track and planting legislative land mines to make it harder for Democrats to govern when they take power in Congress next month.

You can trust the Republicans... To be Republicans! Let's hope they leave the D's on the keyboards, eh? Read more about Republicans "tear up the tracks" as they surrender Congress to Dems

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Eric Schmidt of Google speaks to Republicans

Sarah’s simple proposal got me thinking and I came across an article in which Marshall Sponder asks:

Now, the only thing I really question is why Eric Schmidt is telling this stuff to Republican Governors - isn't he supposed to be neutral?

Read more about Eric Schmidt of Google speaks to Republicans


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