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Giuliana: Liberal!

giuliani-drag Yep, Rudy's a liberal [snicker]. Well, aside from being an authoritarian narcissist, which makes him a perfect Leader for the base, that is. But yes, Rudy's taken some liberal positions over the years, as this new site shows: Read below the fold...

The Republican case for voting disenfranchisement that Iglesias got fired for rejecting

(Let's not repeat that virulent meme, "voter fraud," eh? Since, let's face it, that's a felony, and not many people want to risk a felony to vote. No matter how much the Republicans would like to make that dream come true. And if somebody comes up with something catchier than "voter disenfranchisement" I'd like to hear it.)

As always, Bradblog has the goods: Read below the fold...


Bush leaves cities defenseless against nuclear attack after blowing $300 billion on security

[I'm saying "cities" instead of "the country," because the cities are the part of the country that's in danger. All the ports are in danger from loose nukes and dirty bombs, and nobody's going to lob a nuclear weapon into some Republican stronghold like the middle of Wyoming.]

McClatchy: Read below the fold...

Spreading Santorum at the Inky

The rich winger who bought the Inky thinks that when we repudiate Rick "Down Boy" Santorum (R-Let's Have the Kids Handle the Dead Fetus) at the polls, we're really saying that we want to read him in the editorial pages of the sadly diminished Inky.

They never let up, do they? Even though they're fucking losers, they never let up. Read below the fold...

The party of Caligula loots the Smithsonian

They just can't help themselves, can they? It's like some bizarre exhibitionist syndrome: When a Republican appointee gets access to money--what, in more innocent days, they themselves used to refer to as "your tax dollars"--it's Gentlemen, start your looting! Read below the fold...

Two EPA officials purchase beach house with Conoco VP. What kind of a threesome was it?

Must have missed this one. NPR not teh suck on this one. Steve Curwood from Living on Earth" Read below the fold...

Republicans "support" troops by denying doctors their medical records


Department of Veterans Affairs doctors are furious over a recent decision by the Pentagon to block their access to medical information needed to treat severely injured troops arriving at VA hospitals from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Read below the fold...

Rove didn't get the memo on "Democratic"

Because those two little letters mean so much; like calling us by our right names. Froomkin called Politico's interview with Turd Blossom "predictably fawning", so I had to go read it, and amidst the teabagging found this:

Q.What are you doing differently in your job, substantively or stylistically, in 2007 compared with 2006, before the election?

Read below the fold...

Guiliana doesn't seem all that wierd to me

giuliani-drag But apparently his handlers have concerns:

Rudolph W. Giuliana learned that lesson again yesterday when a "vulnerability study," including warnings about his "weirdness factor" and other perceived liabilities, surfaced from his second campaign for New York mayor, 14 years ago.

Read below the fold...

Of course Gitmo is for torture

If I may take a fraction of your precious attention--consumed as your attention must be by the latest extremely accurate coverage of the late, great Anna Nicole Smith's hatred of Catholics--I'd like to talk about torture. Vanity Fair: Read below the fold...

Willard Mitt Romney endorsed by pedophile enabler

Yes, Denny the Hutt is still in action, and apparently believes he's a draw for Republican candidates. No doubt he is.

[Hastert] recently endorsed Mitt Romney for the Republican presidential nomination, signaling that he may play a public role in the former Massachusetts governor's campaign, at least in helping court Chicago-area donors.

Read below the fold...

Blood-colored Kool-Aid

koolaidRepublicans block Iraq war debate. So, what are the anti-Democrats afraid of?

Of course, they're all afraid of actual military service, for themselves or their kids, we know that ("other priorities"), but I meant, but why would the anti-Democrats be nervous about going on the record and giving Bush's "new way forward" an "up-or-down" vote of confidence? Read below the fold...

Ho Lieberman is Bush's squeaky play-toy

The Last Honest Man votes with Republicans not to debate Iraq.

Let's just not talk about it, OK?

What cowards Republicans are. Wusses, all of 'em. Starts with the whole chickenhawk thing, ends with them not even being willing to stand up to defend their own trillion-dollar Clusterfuck. Damn pitiful.

NOTE Oh, and Senator Warner voted against his own resolution. Snicker. So much for being Bipartisan: Read below the fold...


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