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McClatchy reports: Bush "Justice" department sues only Democrats to purge voters, sues only Democrats to use electronic voting

This story doesn't seem to have gotten the attention in the blogosphere that it deserves. The non-Beltway McClatchy reports:

The ways in which the department's Civil Rights Division has enforced the 2002 Help America Vote Act and the 1993 National Voter Registration Act go to the heart of allegations that the Bush administration has used the unit to suppress the votes of poor minorities.

First, the voting machines: Read below the fold...

Justice firings: Don't say "politicize." Say: "Use the criminal justice system to affect election outcomes,"

When talking about the USA firings, even Republicans use the word "politicize." Why? Because it's a vague, wishy-washy word that opens the door to an "everybody does it" narrative. (And Democrats, idiotically, use this Republican talking point as if it were, fer gawdsake, neutral.) Read below the fold...

Friday Feral Hog blogging


Monster Pig

So, where was this hog shot?

In Alabama. Let's not forget the well-known correlation between Republican rule and feral hogs: Read below the fold...

Bush domestic policy czar: "I am never going to hire another woman because they just get pregnant and leave."


Via TNR today (login required): When Bush chief domestic policy advisor Karl Zinsmeister was editing The American Enterprise, an AEI house organ, here's what he had to say to business manager, Garth Cadiz:

"[ZINSMEISTER] I am never going to hire another woman because they just get pregnant and leave."


Of course, as always with authoritarians, it sounds better in the original German: Read below the fold...

Yet another authoritarian perv

Nice work on that "family values" thing, Dr. Laura:

The soldier son of talk radio relationship counselor Laura Schlessinger is under investigation for a graphic personal Web page that one Army official has called "repulsive."

Read below the fold...

Clusterfuck in the Green Zone shows the nature of Republican evil

Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking: "Another one?" But this one really is a Clusterfuck--work with me here. From McClatchy, a little detail about life in the Imperial City: Read below the fold...

Jakebnto's picture

About young women and boob shots

Now that I have your attention, think about this from Time via Kevin Drum: Read below the fold...

I'm sure that billions in secret, oversight-free intel contracts couldn't possibly be going to politically wired Republicans

I mean, that would just be science fiction stuff. Never happen. But hey, it could happen. And it would be irreponsible not to speculate (Hi, Nooners!):

Concerned about the growing dependence of the nation’s spy agencies on private contractors, top intelligence officials have spent months determining just how many contractors work at the C.I.A., D.I.A., F.B.I., N.S.A. and the rest of the spook alphabet soup.

Now they have an answer. But they cannot reveal it, they say, because America’s enemies might be listening.

Read below the fold...

Give Us This Day Our Daily Krug

The way kids used to take turn standing on each other's shoulders so the one on top could peek through the knothole in the outfield wall and watch the ballgame, we present today's host who frees Krugman from the paywall: the admirably named Free Democracy, bringing us "Sweet Little Lies." Or more accuratly, an honest discussion of the lies, named accurately as lies, and broken down into Little and Big Lies. Read below the fold...

Two, three, many Bush v. Gores


USA John McKay was up for a Federal judgeship until he didn't play ball with the state Republican Partei apparatus.

Then he was fired. WaPo: Read below the fold...

Froomkin cranks knobs up to 11, brings the shrill

loudness Bush to American people: "Whatsa matter? Don't you trust me?" Froomkin today:

The most telling restriction built into the White House offer to make senior aides available for private interviews about the firings of eight U.S. attorneys is that no record of those aides' words would be allowed. ...

Read below the fold...

VA report: Colony of bats in clinic "beneficial" because bats keep the insects down

I kid you not:

Some of the more striking problems were found at a VA clinic in White City, Ore. There, officials reported roof leaks throughout the facility, requiring them to "continuously repair the leaks upon occurrence, clean up any mold presence if any exists, spray or remove ceiling tiles."

In addition, large colonies of bats resided outside the facility and sometimes flew into the attics and interior parts of the building.

Read below the fold...

Froomkin cranks knobs up to 11, brings the shrill

loudness It's always a pleasure to see the Amazing Froomkin stop emulating Broderella--Ouch! It was a joke!--and become a little less the nice-guy, mild-mannered, Clark Kent figure that we know and love.

But enough is enough:

Indications of Obfuscation

Read below the fold...

Bush to Congress on DAs: Cheney yourself

[Updates below on blogosphere, media coverage.]

The only problem with firing all the attorney's who weren't "loyal Bushies" and who were investigating Republicans--Lam--or wouldn't smear Democrats--Iglesias?

The Explainer didn't do his job. But then, does he ever? From Bush's speech today at 5:45: Read below the fold...


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