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OK, we were wrong on Vitter (R-Canal Street Brothel) and the diapers. But he took the used condoms with him after "encounters"?!

New Orleans Advocate:

Ex-prostitute tells Hustler of Vitter encounters
Vitter used condoms and engaged in straight sex, “no weird fetishes or anything like that,” [Wendy] Ellis says in the magazine.

Ellis says Vitter did one thing, though, that none of her other clients did; he took his used condoms with him.

Uh, that's not weird? I mean, what's he doing with them? Keeping a scrapbook?

Throwing them in the drawer of his desk? Read below the fold...

I used to think I could write a good headline

But I bow to the master:

Hooker: Duke Cunningham Fed Me Grapes in Hot Tub

Then the subhed just clinches it:

  • Cunningham's "Unbelievably Dirty" Hot Tub

Eeeeeeew! Read below the fold...

Internal Oral Roberts "Scandal Vulnerability Assessment": Roberts' wife overnight in ORU guest house with underage male 9 times

Jeebus, what's wrong with these people? Do they think they're Catholic priests, or what? Just plain Republicans?


The amended complaint also included an internal ministry report, titled "Scandal Vulnerability Assessment," documenting allegations of misconduct by the university and the Roberts family. Only a partial report was included in the Oct. 2 lawsuit.

Read below the fold...
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Murdoch's WSJ Signals Shift for Republican Moderates

Everyone should always call it "Murdoch's WSJ" just so we don't forget. Subscription only but I'll fair-use some of it for you here.

But polling data confirm business support for Republicans is eroding.
In the Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll in September, 37% of
professionals and managers identify themselves as Republican or leaning Republican, down from 44% three years ago.

Read below the fold...

Christianist mercenaries Blackwater gave Iraqi civilian "bloody Christmas,"paid $15,000, got away clean


We've really got to stop using the term "mercenaries" for Blackwater, and start using the term "Christianist mercenaries." Because it's true: Read below the fold...

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When Did You Learn That Lies Were Wrong?

So it's Nephew Weekend for me (yeah!) and we're sitting here watching The Day the Earth Stood Still (What is it about 50s movies that make them so perfect for young kids? No swearing, gratuitious violence or sex, that's what). I'm trying to teach him about truth and lies. He's only 3, but he's bright and chatty and I think he's asked me "Why?" about 1 million times today. So I think he's ready for "advanced" concepts like the difference between truth and lies. Read below the fold...

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Really, how stupid do they think we are?


This just beats all. Who is this, and why does she hate women so? Read below the fold...

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Of The Republican Presidential Candidates...

Who would you like to see as the Republican nominee to face the Dems?
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Murdoch Effect Already Working at WSJ

WSJ "Opinion Journal" today:
"Democrats and Cannibals
The Kos kids try but fail to devour party moderates."

BY KIMBERLEY A. STRASSEL Friday, August 17, 2007 12:01 a.m. EDT
And what else do we know 'bout good ol' Henry Cuellar? Read below the fold...

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INDEED -- But give accurate quotes!

Hat tip to DailyKos, where the diarist "Free Exchange On Campus" provided the quotes below: Read below the fold...

Today's reading is from the Book of Haggard, Chapter 6, Verse 9

The Charlotte Observer:

Coy Privette, a retired Baptist pastor, conservative lawmaker and outspoken advocate for Christian groups, was charged Thursday with paying a prostitute for sex acts.

Read below the fold...

James Madison:"A President is impeachable if he attempts to subvert the Constitution."

Case closed, I'd say. Barbara Jordan on impeachment (via the Bra'ed One). It's a case study for today's Democrats on how to talk about the issue, so go read the whole, wonderful thing. I'm going to pull out quotes on the legal rationale: Read below the fold...


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