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Useless Anecdotes from Deep in Republican Terrrtory

So I'm deep in Republican territory, showing off my black ass and wearing all my UChicago gear, this week. It's interesting. The people around here are upper class rich, but not uberrich. Out and about, here's some useless data point stuff. Because Lambert keeps stealing all my post ideas, it's the best I can do. Read more about Useless Anecdotes from Deep in Republican Terrrtory

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Sarah Palin is a liar

Bob Somerby

PALIN DOES IT AGAIN: As a politician, Sarah Palin is profoundly talented, disturbingly so. But uh-oh–she clearly enjoys telling lies! Last night, in her speech, she did it again! Why is she able to do this:

PALIN (9/3/08): We suspended the state fuel tax and championed reform to end the abuses of earmark spending by Congress. I told the Congress, "Thanks, but no thanks," on that Bridge to Nowhere.


If our state wanted to build a bridge, we were going to build it ourselves.


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Maintaining My Creds as a Tasteless, Sex-Obsessed Queer Blogger Who Fails on the Real Issues

If there's a "valid" point here, it's that I really wish some investigative bloggers would follow up on this and find out more about just who has the hard-on for Twink Love. I bet it's a looong list of them in St. Paul. wonkette via Joe:

Via Wonkette, this latest in a string of Craigslist Twin Cities M4M ads:

Discretion Required - m4mm (Upscale Hotel)

ATTN: discretion is mandatory. must be willing to submit to background check and strip searches. absolutely no recording devices or wireless communication devices allowed. you will be examined and scrutinized by security before you make contact.

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How they can get me to vote for them

I have simple needs and to obtain my vote the Democratic and Republican candidates can easily meet them. Read more about How they can get me to vote for them

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Today's Republican Sex Offender

I do love Pam and all Her Works.'s nice to see the case of Glenn Murphy, Jr. resolved during the campaign season. It's a reminder that the GOP ranks are rife with Republican Sexual Hypocrites, perpetrating their sexual and criminal deviant behavior while presenting a pious, judgmental image to the public.

Are all Republicans thieves, or only some of them?


The former treasurer for the National Republican Congressional Committee transferred as much as $1 million in committee funds into his personal and business accounts, officials announced today, describing a scheme that could prove to be one of the largest campaign frauds in recent history.

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MTV Street Team '08 Reports on Super Tuesday

YOUR FAITHFUL OREGON representative for the MTV Street Team '08 (ahem, yours truly) is invisible on this day, because Oregon doesn't exist when it comes to Super Tuesday. But my Street Team peeps are LIVE on the scene in each Super Tuesday state. Read more about MTV Street Team '08 Reports on Super Tuesday

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A Taste of Mittocrisy

DEAR MISTER ROMNEY, I really appreciate your steadfast commitment to your faith. I've heard people choose these types of ideologies because it grounds a person in morality and integrity and human values. And of course I can admire that. With all the hate- and fear-mongering filling the public square today, I welcome men of your caliber. Read more about A Taste of Mittocrisy

Trad press still behind the power curve on Republican dog abuse stories

ABC's Political Radar has a data point, but misses the interpretation:

Romney Attacks Go to the Dogs
ABC News' John Berman Reports:

Mitt Romney's latest weapon in his barrage of jabs at Mike Huckabee? A dog named Spike.

A dog named Spike that likes to write letters. It is a piece of direct mail sent to Iowa voters, purportedly from Spike that begins, "Dear Iowa Republicans..."


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