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Ends-Justify-Means, Craven US Strategy re Russia & Syria

I knew Obama was not sincere in any humanitarian intentions in Syria.

I knew Obama would not work with Russia to bring peace to Syria. Instead the Obama administration is doing all it can to demonize Russia re the Ukraine situation and re Sochi Olympics and the gay issue. The corporate media, of course, is obliging. Doing all it can also to discredit Russia.

Thierry Meyssan in “After Yugoslavia, Ukraine?” writes: Read more about Ends-Justify-Means, Craven US Strategy re Russia & Syria

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Divestment from Israel, and Boycotting --

"I am a black South African, and if I were to change the names, a description of what is happening in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank could describe events in South Africa."
~Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Global Exchange has tons of info on what we can do, and a list of US Companies that operate there. Read more about Divestment from Israel, and Boycotting --

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"the separation of church and song" and/or unintended consequences?


The inescapable and ubiquitous Christmas songs, specials, etc -- and how us Jews helped create and embed them, have fought against them, and how some deal with it now -- fa-who dor-ay, fa-who dor-ay, ...

The white Christmases that Irving Berlin dreamed of weren't the earliest ones he used to know. ... watching his neighbors burn his family's house to the ground in a good old-fashioned, Jew-hating pogrom.
So it's no surprise that when Berlin got around to writing his great Christmas song in 1941, nearly half a century after his family had fled the shtetl of Mohilev for New York's Lower East Side, it was flatly devoid of Christian imagery. It is, for all that, a religious song. ...

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The New Feminism (pt. 1)


Violet at Reclusive Leftist starts
"pulling together some of our thoughts about the new feminism we’re building, what I think of as the Fourth Wave."
Very interesting list -- and great comments/discussion.

This comment especially struck me: "Women need, desperately, cultural permission to be selfish, to put ourselves first without apology and without trying to spin it as good for other, more important people, too. Because even though I do believe feminism is good for the whole Human community, it really wouldn’t matter if it weren’t. Women have a right to demand what’s good for us." Read more about The New Feminism (pt. 1)

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Why do Employers Want a Role in Health Care?


"Why should KitchenAid make blenders and health care coverage decisions? Why should lumber companies cut trees and create hospital networks?"

Ezra Klein asks and gives some reasons why , and the New Republic too: Why CEOs Don't Get It on Health Care Read more about Why do Employers Want a Role in Health Care?

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Global Studies Association Conference Notes - Part 3 - Transnationalism

Cross-posted from The Global Sociology Blog

This third part of my report from the GSA conference (part 1 and part 2 ) was truly the best, from my point of view, because it featured a speech by one of my favorite sociologists (if not THE favorite), William Robinson, of UC Santa Barbara. He is the author of what I consider the authoritative social theory book on globalization: A Theory of Global Capitalism: Production, Class, and State in a Transnational World.

In his presentation, Robinson contrasted his approach to globalization as qualitatively different phenomenon (transnationalism) as opposed to the school of thought he labeled "new imperialism." Robinson's view of globalization involves specific features:

  • the rise of truly transnational capital with integration of all countries into that system;
  • the rise of the transnational state (TNS) where class power is exercised through networks and by the transnational capitalist class (TCC - especially its political / executive component);
  • the development of new relations of power and inequalities on a global scale
  • the increased power of the transnational corporation (TNC)

So, for the maths-oriented among us: Globalization = TNS + TNC + TCC = true transnationalism. Read more about Global Studies Association Conference Notes - Part 3 - Transnationalism

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I'm Just Sayin

Why, but why, if we're all a-twitter about race 'n' sex 'n' gender, we don't all read La Chola?
Here is why: Read more about I'm Just Sayin

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Discuss: 300 Billion vs 400 Trillion

Quote of the day, or at least for me, from the ever impressive Nur AC:

Concerning the "Kill them all" thread below, the US is doomed to "cut and run" for the following reason: The Arab world has only 25% of the oil.
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