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Lab Rats

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Privatization of the New Orleans Public Schools

Long-troubled Douglass High could lose its identity

Many Douglass supporters accept that some high schools should move to more state-of-the-art buildings, but they argue the disappearance of Douglass' program altogether would mark the loss of an institution that has stood as a symbol of community resilience in the 9th Ward for decades.

Nantrell Malveo, a 2008 graduate, compared her experience at Douglass favorably to her time at a Jefferson Parish school generally considered to be better.

"I learned more at the run-down school (Douglass) because I could relate to it, and it taught me to fight for what mattered," Malveo said.

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Harry Shearer harshes the mellow

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Martial Law, Now with Baby Jeebus!

Via Scholars and Rogues comes this disturbing little blerb that seems almost drugged to calmness in this discussion of what will could happen in the event of an emergency that 'requires' martial law:
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Why We Are Angry: Black People Ed, Vol 2


This is not the argument I'd make, but I find it interesting and want to know your thoughts:

The New Orleans Fetish: The Real Reason New Orleans got no help after Katrina

I like it when people list reasons to save New Orleans:

1.It’s morally the right thing to do
2.It’s the government’s obligation to protect it’s cities and citizens
3.Because New Orleans is so special

The third reason, perhaps the most compelling argument to some, is actually what is hurting the systemic relief effort the most.

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World's Tallest Man to Pull Chertoff Out of Lieberman's Ass

Chertoff better not eat in any black-owned restaurants in NOLA. Really, the arrogance of these people is stunning at times. It wouldn't surprise me if some overworked, low-level FEMA employee just shot him, the next time he got out of a taxpayer funded hookermobile car.
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