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Murdoch's rule by fear began with union busting


Murdoch's axing of unions led to scandal in the media

Michael Delaney (19), died after being run over by a lorry in east London on a Saturday night in January 1987. An inquest jury found that he had been a victim of unlawful killing. But nobody has ever been prosecuted.

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Orbitz not ready to drop Fox


Orbitz Snubs Media Matters’ ‘Drop Fox’ Campaign: ‘We Aren’t Going To Engage In That Fight’

The effort by liberal media watchdog group Media Matters to convince half a dozen leading national advertisers to pull their dollars from the Fox News Channel got a high-profile snub Thursday when Orbitz, the travel company, not only declined to participate, but fired back at Media Matters, calling the “Drop Fox” campaign a “smear effort.”

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Turn off Fox, the next step

I can't find words for how pleased I am that Glenn was chased off the air. Congratulations to Color of Change, Spocko, and everyone involved. It is a huge victory and important sign that the left can take down a big guy, at least in certain circumstances.

The next step is to go after Fox itself.

Step one:

Some businesses play Fox without having thought about it at all, and may not know how divisive and dangerous Fox is. Turn Off Fox will help you work with others in your area (and across the country) to identify places that play Fox, ask them to change the channel, and explain why they should.

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How News Corp avoids paying taxes


How You End Up Bankrolling Fox News: News Corp. and Rupert Murdoch Weasel Out of Paying Taxes

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Why does Rupert Murdoch have a job?


Records Say Fox News Chief Told Employee to Lie

It was an incendiary allegation — and a mystery of great intrigue in the media world: After the publishing powerhouse Judith Regan was fired by HarperCollins in 2006, she claimed that a senior executive at its parent company, News Corporation, had encouraged her to lie to federal investigators two years before.

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Murdoch and his fellow plutocrats

Harold Meyerson

Amid the recent hubbub over the violent and paranoid rhetoric that stems from much of the American right, one name has been conspicuously absent. We've heard a great deal about Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly - the usual suspects. We've heard very little about the man who employs many of them for his financial and political gain: Rupert Murdoch.

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Glen Beck is a tree, Rubert Murdoch is the forest

Beck was brought to Faux because of his ability to be an American version of radio Rwanda. Murdoch is deliberately trying to destabilize our country, what I don’t get is why we are letting him get away with it.

First of all, kudos to all of those who worked on persuading Beck’s advertisers to drop him. Make no mistake, NewsCorp is vulnerable to this sort of tactic. Read more about Glen Beck is a tree, Rubert Murdoch is the forest

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When do we start filing complaints with the FCC?

Fox Fabricates 'Death Book' for Vets

So when do we start filing complaints with the FCC in a systematic effort to get Murdoch's FCC license pulled? And when do we start to contact his institutional investors and bond holders and suggest that investing in lies might not be consistent with their fiduciary responsibility? When do we start to exact a serious price for this sort of editorial subversion? Read more about When do we start filing complaints with the FCC?

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McSame loses his base

Murdoch Proclaims Obama 'The Real American Idol'

It seems the UK Sun has a positive article about Obama. Murdoch has been sending out signals for months that he would consider supporting either Clinton or Obama. Read more about McSame loses his base

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