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When to sign an online petition

If you agree with the petition and it is linked from Suburban Guerrrilla, you should definitely sign that petition. Read more about When to sign an online petition

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It's a Pattern


The administration's roll-out of its austerity program for Americans fits a pattern we saw in health care reform, in the run-up to the Stimulus bill, in cap-and-trade, in financial reform, whatever. The Administration always operates from the top down, and then tries to mobilize support from the bottom. It decides what it wants to do and then brings interest group/think tanks like the Peterson Foundation to bear to reinforce its narrative in the non-Government sector. The think tanks collaborate with the Administration to set the parameters of public debate in the media. Much of the netroots joins the chorus. If needed parts of the public are mobilized to support the received view through Administration-friendly “progressive” organizations, and real solutions to real problems get shut out of sight and out of mind.

In the fiscal responsibility/reform drive the narrative is that we (the US Government) will run out of money (US Dollars), and won't be able to borrow it, because interest rates will be too high; or get it through taxation, because raising taxes is deflationary. So the only way not to run out and leave some dollars for our children is to cut Government spending and at least decrease the debt-to-GDP ratio.

We can't cut the Wars, 'cause that's national security. We can't cut the fight against terrorism 'cause that, too, is national security. We can't cut tax expenditures (or other welfare for businesses), because that will hurt business in a time of recession. So what's left? Why, only entitlements,
of course. Read more about It's a Pattern

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Why half a loaf was no more practical than HR 676

UPDATE ii: Gosh, did I hit a nerve?

UPDATE: Still don't get it. From AHIP's point a view a viable public option is just as deadly to their business model as HR 676.

Chris Bowers Read more about Why half a loaf was no more practical than HR 676

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Health care defeatism from the blogger boiz

Looks like the defeatists at the SEIU (whose leadersheep have consistently ignored resolutions passed by their membership at their national convention) have mobilized their fan boiz in blogospehre.

Meteor Blades

All but its most delusional fans have known since well before November 4 that single-payer's near-term chances are - short of some fracture in the space-time continuum - a sliver above absolute zero.

We’ll see about that.

Edit - see comment. Read more about Health care defeatism from the blogger boiz

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Hire a sales rep


Jane Hamsher's comment at Talk Left:

The reason the New York Times is around to do "earned" media is because they make revenues off of "paid" media. Everyone understands that, it's just how business works in a capitalist system. And if you look at an advertising campaign for Toyota or Dove or Marlboro, they devote an increasing percentage of each campaign to online advertising. So it's not like we're asking anyone to participate in a system that has no benefit to them as advertisers.

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How partisanship can make you stupid

David Waldman aka Kagro X reports on the negotiations over health care reform and the most significant thing he can find is that the Republicans are refusing to participate and therefore will have no input. The direction of the talks seem to hold no interest. Read more about How partisanship can make you stupid

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Atrios has a better idea

How About We Take Health Care Off Their Books?

Whether it is an aging manufactuer, struggling entrepreneur, or small business, health care costs represent a crushing burden. Conyers' Medicare for All would free up millions of dollars for invesntment and save our country $350 BILLION a year. Read more about Atrios has a better idea

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The health care debate: Bloggers who get it


I assume, rather optimistically, that a large number of people, especially young people and people of color, were activated by the election campaign and that some of them are interested in continuing to be active even now that the election is over.

In this situation what can progressives do to advance the cause of fundamental reform in the U.S.?

I suggest trying to organize local activists to fight to move the Obama administration to the causes of people not corporations on specific issues: ...


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Misogyny is Not pretty Pt. Deux


Misogyny? Nah! Never!

*Caution* that link is about as disgusting as you will ever see (click at own discretion) and was advertised through "Advertising Liberally" on Chris Bower's Openleft post where he cries about how the "netroots" don't get no respect.

Now why would that be? Read more about Misogyny is Not pretty Pt. Deux

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Health care defeatists of the netroots don't get it

d-day has an excellent run down of the health care discussion at Netroots Nation. It seems singly payer advocates were out in force. Read more about Health care defeatists of the netroots don't get it

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Obama supporters for universal health care

Calling all Obama supporters, because health insurance isn't health care, a group of health care advocates are organizing on Obama's site.

SiCKO (Universal Health Care - HR 676)

Check it out if you are registered on the site. Read more about Obama supporters for universal health care

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Netroots Nation and health care

Booman has a list of the politicians who attended Netroots Nation. A casual glance only turns up two supporters of HR 676. Not one of the 90 cosponsors bothered to show up.

That is surprising when you consider how many bloggers are uninsured or under insured.

It also tells us something about the politics of health care. Read more about Netroots Nation and health care


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