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Devastating and enlightening Twitter feed

If you have a twitter account please go to #ididnotreport. There is also a sister hashtag #ididreport that kind of explains why there are so many stories on #ididnotreport. I have to say there is a strong TRIGGER WARNING for sexual assault, harassment, abuse and domestic violence. These are women giving reasons why they did not report their assaults. It can be overwhelming and devastating. I, myself, have given over 25 #ididnotreports. It's both cathartic and depressing for me how easily it flows from me. Read more about Devastating and enlightening Twitter feed

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A rape survivor song


You could not keep your pretty hands off me
No i won’t sit nice and be quiet

You could not keep your pretty hands off me
Well i thought you were the one
But i was wrong, i was wrong

You could not keep your pretty hands off me
You shattered my image of love
While i was naked in the tub

You shattered my image of love
So when i bit, it was for blood Read more about A rape survivor song

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Anglachel Returns


With two new posts!

I've been in Anglachel withdrawal, so this was a welcome surprise! Read more about Anglachel Returns

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Losing Ground


This morning's New York Times: Afghan Women Fear Loss of Modest Gains

Women’s advocates are concerned that they are increasingly being shut out of political decisions. At an international conference in Kabul on July 20, which was meant to showcase the country’s plans for the future, President Hamid Karzai said nothing about how women’s rights might be protected in negotiations.

The very first meeting on negotiations, held by Mr. Karzai on July 22 with former leaders who had fought the Taliban, did not include a single woman, despite government pledges. When asked, government officials said that women would be included in later sessions.

Although Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has also pledged that she will not desert Afghan women and that any deal with the Taliban that traded peace for women’s rights was “a red line,” women remain wary.

“Right now it’s a big challenge for women to go to school and work, but at least according to our Constitution and laws they have the right to do so,” said Nargis Nehan, 31, an Afghan women’s advocate.

Who can blame them for feeling wary? Not me. When I consider how often our own government and political parties throw women under the bus to further some other agenda, I fully sympathize.

While we were gnashing our teeth over Shirley Sherrod, this happened. Read more about Losing Ground

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How to destroy the Democratic party for real

Would Blue Dog Democrats try to oust Pelosi as speaker?

Freshman Democratic Rep. Walt Minnick won't discuss a conversation he had with Idaho GOP colleague Mike Simpson about the role Minnick might play in removing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

Simpson says he told Minnick that members of the moderate Blue Dog Coalition of Democrats will hold the balance of power if Democrats retain control in the November election and could deny Pelosi re-election in January 2011.

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Look! Over There! It's Sarah Palin!


What is it about Barack Obama? He seems to bring out the absolute worst in every single Democratic (and Republican) politician, even those who are no longer in the Beltway Boyz Club.

Take General Wesley Clark, who, if I remember correctly (and I usually do), was denied an invitation to Obama's coronation - er, nomination celebration in August of 2008. Now, Wesley Clark is someone that I always found appealing. He seemed intelligent about foreign affairs, practical, down-to-earth, decently liberal, and for a military man, most appreciative of peace and how important it is to keep it.

But is Wesley Clark, in the age of Obama, above using misogyny to fundraise for the Party Formerly Known as Democratic? Read more about Look! Over There! It's Sarah Palin!

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Asking the wrong question


Can Pelosi Pass The Bill Without Stupak?

The question is, why would anyone vote for a bill that endangers the lives of women? Reproductive services, including abortion is fundamental to women. It is impossible to overstate the consequences of conscripted motherhood.

And as is to often the case, bad policy is bad politics. Contrary to what pollster Celinda Lake advised Martha Coakley, the anti-abortion provisions of the Senate bill, never mind Stupak, are politically radioactive. Read more about Asking the wrong question

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The SuperBowl Ad We Should Have Seen

Well, folks, I watched the SuperBowl as planned, and the game was really good. (Geaux Saints!) The ads, however, were often not as enjoyable - in fact, they were so sexist that even my husband was squirming uncomfortably. (I flipped past the Pam Tebow "I call him my miracle baby!" ad as soon as I realized what it was. Blurck.)

The ads were awful, as usual, in a porntastic, cartoonish way. "Oooh, look, those two hot girls are just about to get it on! Yeah Baby!" (I don't understand why they bothered to leave out the pizza delivery guy and the bad lighting.)

This is the type of sexism that's easily identified and shrugged off, at least by me. But here's the one that really struck me. It's called "Man's Last Stand." Read more about The SuperBowl Ad We Should Have Seen

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What does it take for us to recognize and deal with misogynistic hate crimes?


Please, just read this excellent, comprehensive post on how our society fails in reacting to misogynistic hate crimes and the sad reality that is "TFL." Seriously, the whole thing should be read. Read more about What does it take for us to recognize and deal with misogynistic hate crimes?

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FDL: Eminem disses Palin. Yay!


FDL (Emphasis mine):

Alaska's Frost Lady is part of Eminem's stimulus package.

Gov GILF has a new fan in rapper Eminem, who includes Sarah Palin in a wish list of ladies with whom he'd like to be intimately involved. Palin joins the rapper's hit list of simulated sexy celebs like Lindsey Lohan, Kim Kardashian, and Jessica Simpson in the video for "We Made You." Fame, it's a bitch.

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Rush and women

Yesterday I watched and listened to Rush Limbaugh give his speech to the faithful of CPac. Since it was covered by FOX, he jokingly announced that it was his first address to the Nation and later on he called it his first International address, slyly noting that he was not using a teleprompter. I can remember when I'd turn off the radio if he came on but that was when there was a Democratic Party that I could identify with.

Full of himself with his usual bravado, the big guy seemed really nervous and coughed a lot. Like most of us he is much more confident alone behind his radio mic but despite all that he was his usual megaphone self, blasting away at the current administration and rallying the Conservatives to take back the country. Read more about Rush and women

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A moment of silence please


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