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Rampant Sexual Abuse of Juveniles in Michigan Prisons

How many citizens are cognizant of the economic terrorism occurring in Michigan right now with the Obama administration enabling corrupt and opportunistic disaster capitalist, corporate cronies and state and local politicians to shamelessly raid public workers’ pensions?

Naomi Spencer in “Widespread abuse of juvenile inmates in Michigan prisons” turns the spotlight in Michigan on nightmare scenarios of sexual violence being perpetrated against juvenile prison inmates. Read more about Rampant Sexual Abuse of Juveniles in Michigan Prisons

Help needed for petition gathering and signing to Ban Fracking in Michigan

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Visible lefties: Solidarity rallies


Workers Defend Their Rights in Wisconsin & Ohio

No on SB-5 Rally, Medina, Ohio

SN5 Rally Youngstown Ohio

SB5 Rally Youngstown Ohio 3/30/2011

Senate Bill 5 Rally

Anti-SB5 Anthem: Come on Kasich, Don't sell us out!

AFSCME Ohio United We Stand

Mike Williams Ellet Town Hall Meeting Pt 2of2

Ohio Statehouse SB5 final protest/vote Read more about Visible lefties: Solidarity rallies

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Why I don't care about the 2012 Presidential election

I can't tell you how thrilled I am with the recent protests in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, and now Michigan. We are witnessing a real uprising; a new citizens movement being born.

Presidential elections are the culmination of political movements, not the beginning, or even middle. To permit ourselves to be distracted by the 2012 Presidential election from what is clearly the issue of our time would be a real shame. Read more about Why I don't care about the 2012 Presidential election

How $100 makes your vote meaningless

By slipping in a BS $100 expenditure, MI state republicans have managed to foil any potential for the citizens of my fair state to be unable to repeal legislation that removes exemptions on taxing pensions and retirement income, while he has slashed business taxes, with a referendum!!!:

House bill could block referendum
LANSING — One $100 bill could block voters from a chance to stop more than a billion dollars in higher taxes.
Whether you think it’s a dirty trick or a smart move, a House bill to implement Gov. Rick Snyder’s proposal to eliminate tax credits and exemptions contains a $100 appropriation — enough to make the plan immune from a voter referendum. Read more about How $100 makes your vote meaningless

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Union protests spread to Michigan

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Michigan Blue Cross announces layoffs

Blue Cross Blue Shield to cut up to 1,000 jobs

The company hinted at possible layoffs last year after the Michigan Legislature did not pass changes to insurance rules sought by the company. Blue Cross says it wants law changes because it is losing millions of dollars each year on health insurance policies that cover individuals.

Just pass HR 676 and put these parasites out of their misery. Read more about Michigan Blue Cross announces layoffs

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Letter to the Port Huron Times Herald: Medicare works

Medicare works and should be made available to us all

Here is my suggestion: Instead of months of head scratching and position papers, simply extend Medicare to everyone, a 40-year-old program that works.

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Kalamazoo wants single payer!


Residents to send health-care statement to Obama

PORTAGE -- Residents concerned about the state of the nation's health care gathered at the Westminster Presbyterian Church Monday in Portage to construct a statement to send to the transition team of President-elect Barack Obama.

The group of about 15 people agreed that the United States is in need of a single-payer health-care system.

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Today's single payer post: Adrian Campbell

After starring in "Sicko," Hartland woman jumps on political stage

Now married and a dedicated public speaker, Adrian Campbell Montgomery, 26, is cancer-free and ready to make her first longshot foray into politics.

She is running as a Democrat for Livingston County commissioner, challenging a Republican who has held the seat for 14 of the last 16 years. The area is considered heavily Republican.

Montgomery, a Hartland High School graduate, says her "Sicko" experience charged her to take action in her hometown. The district covers Hartland and Tyrone townships in northern Livingston County.

RBC Violations of DNC Charter "Sunshine" Provisions

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Today's single payer post: MI Reps for HR 676

Sharon Renier is one of two Democratic candidates for Congress from Michigan's 7th district. I don’t know when the primary takes place. Renier supports a single payer system: Read more about Today's single payer post: MI Reps for HR 676


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