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FOLLOW THE MONEY! Congress Voting for Syrian War/NSA Spying


David Kravets in “Senators Authorizing Syria Strike Got More Defense Cash Than Lawmakers Voting No” declares:

Senators voting Wednesday to authorize a Syria strike received, on average, 83 percent more campaign financing from defense contractors than lawmakers voting against war.

The Corporate Kill: US/NATO Phony Human Rights War Against Libya


So while Obama is celebrating his assassination of an American citizen without due process, his phony war on Libya promises massive profits for the international corporate elites.

Obama, as ever, pragmatically counting on a myopic low information and/or blood-lusting amoral and/or passively indifferent and/or distracted by personal economic crises citizenry to continue to stay enthralled and/or passive to a poser personality a/k/a international war criminal president uber a remotely moral leader.

Bill Van Auken writes: Read more about The Corporate Kill: US/NATO Phony Human Rights War Against Libya

Libyan “NO-FLY” Faux-Humanitarian Intervention Fails -- Deservedly -- 3 Amoral Amigos Incensed & Insistent on FULL OUT BOMBING!

(562 Obama-dumping days until 2012 election-Hugh's Obama's Scandals List)

So the disasters of the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars are not enough for America.

And calling out for the assassination of a legitimate sovereign head of a country and encouraging civil war bloodbaths from our senior US Senators has gotten as American as apple pie! The blood-letting mood begun earlier by a craven corporate media and a mendacious administration demonizing Gaddafi and myopically generalizing and romanticizing the strange and troubling rebellion coalition challenging him. Once again in American media, profound truth black outs, this time of barbaric racist violence against non-Libyan Africans wrongly accused of being mercenaries. Read more about Libyan “NO-FLY” Faux-Humanitarian Intervention Fails -- Deservedly -- 3 Amoral Amigos Incensed & Insistent on FULL OUT BOMBING!

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McCain Could Have Meant Less War

By David Swanson

After two stolen elections by Bush-Cheney, an election of Grandpa John "Bomb Bomb Iran" McCain and his sorority president sidekick -- whether honest or blatantly stolen and tolerated -- would have said something hugely depressing and debilitating about the American people. But arguably it could have saved a great many lives around the world. Here's how. Read more about McCain Could Have Meant Less War

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If Elected ...

the AP pulls out their crystal balls--

If Elected ... How Would a President Obama Govern?

"For all Barack Obama's talk about change, there are signs that in style -- if not substance -- a new White House under Democrat Obama would operate much like the current one under President Bush. ..."

If Elected ... How Would a President McCain Govern? Read more about If Elected ...

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McCain's bizarre search engine advertising

Washington Post

According to AdGooroo and SpyFu, among the thousands of terms purchased to send people to McCain Web sites are:

· "Hot wife," which linked to a biography of Cindy McCain.

· "Sarah palin pictures," which directed users to official campaign pictures.

· "Chavez" and "castro," which linked to a page advertising McCain's foreign policy.

· "Katrina" "against abortion," "global warming," "environmental pollution" and "gas prices," all tied to policy issues.

Hot wife? Read more about McCain's bizarre search engine advertising

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Voter registration blues

Registration Forms Going to Wrong Addresses

Voters in 37 states may be turned away from the polls because of misinformation on online Web sites, which follow the directions on the United States Election Commission Web site.

Barack Obama's and John McCain's Web sites, as well as Rock the Vote, help users fill out forms which can be printed out and mailed.

They are conveniently addressed to the potential voter's secretary of state, or an equivalent state office. All the potential voter has to do is add a stamp and mail it off.

Problem is, for at least 37 states, it's the wrong address.

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Meanwhile, In Case You Thought Your Vote Would Count for Anything

Here we go again.

Democratic voters in at least two Wisconsin communities have received absentee voter forms from the McCain campaign that -- if used -- could cause their votes to be ignored.

Is it a simple error? Or campaign shenanigans and voter fraud? You be the judge.

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Palin: A Dangerous and Intelligent Choice

I hope you can forgive me, despite my undeserving nature, for some unspecific and overly personal posting of late. I'm going to try to correct that, and here I'll start.

Resolved: Palin was a hit out of the park sort of choice for McCain and his team.

Why do I say this? I have many reasons, and I'm perversely glad and disturbed by his choice. Lemme share some reasons and links which may help you understand. Read more about Palin: A Dangerous and Intelligent Choice

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Presidential Campaign Decisions and Political Ideology

Both the Obama and McCain campaigns are acutely aware of where this election will be decided, and it is not amongst Liberal voters.

[This post is a fragment of a larger essay on American voter ideological affiliation that is part of an ongoing discussion with the highly esteemed VastLeft, one I’ll roll out after the Convention dust has settled. I’m putting this subsection up now for consideration as we try and digest the VP and Convention decisions of both campaigns in real time.] Read more about Presidential Campaign Decisions and Political Ideology

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Big Brother meets GOTV

Candidates' Web Sites Get to Know the Voters

Any two people interested in whether Amanda Beard is dating fellow Olympian Michael Phelps, and who clicked on the Boston Herald tidbit that raced around the Web last week, got the same piece of gossip.

Rumored galpal Amanda Beard on Phelps: No Thanks!

What was different was the political ads that appeared -- or didn't -- beside the story.

Readers who had visited Barack Obama's Web site received as many as three Obama ads alongside the gossip. "Help Elect Barack Obama President of the United States" and "Visit the Barack Obama Website," the ads said.

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Comparing the McCain and Obama health proposals

Campaign case report: What Obama and McCain pledge to do about the health system

McCain would end the employee tax exclusion for soundness security against loss spending, instead offering refundable tax credits to help people buy health insurance.

I can't say it enough, the fate of health care will be determined by the down ballot races. Read more about Comparing the McCain and Obama health proposals


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