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Insufferable Hype & Egotism: BOTH Lincoln’s & MLK’s Bibles?

I know what Lincoln and MLK will be doing on Obama’s inauguration day.

Rolling over in their graves.

I’ll once again be fighting the urge to vomit.

Obama’s cynicism, hypocrisy and egotism really are insufferable. One bible isn’t enough for the “wonder boy” -- and he is a boy in all his arrested emotional development.

He has to have both Lincoln’s and MLK’s bibles?

Methinks thou art selling thyself too pathetically and shamelessly hard, Barack! Read below the fold...

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Two-Minute Movie Reviews: Lincoln, Life of Pi, Searching for Sugar Man

If you’re planning on taking in a movie over the holiday, here are a few totally uninformed, off-the-wall suggestions, based on nothing more than my own impressions. Read below the fold...

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For President's Day: Some Presidential Comparisons

What follows is a post I wrote some time ago, shortly after Bush's 2nd Inaugural. I thought it might be worth reposting on this particular day, since it includes a comparison of both Lincoln and Truman to Bush, and seeks to discuss political rhetoric and its discontents. I also thought it might be a pleasant respite from our current obsession with the Democratic Presidential primary, as well as offering a frame for contemplating the ruin Bush's second terms has wrecked not only on the country, but on his own likely historical reputation. Read below the fold...

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