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Cowards at Clear Channel Refuse Vote Vets Ad


Clear Channel Communications strikes again, censoring Iraq veteran Brian McGough's voice in an ad that VoteVets PAID to run during Rush Limbaugh's show: WJNO AM in Palm Beach, Florida Read below the fold...

After Limbaugh calls serving soldiers "phonies," Dems ask for apology, look weak again


Why are they asking Limbaugh to apologize for calling serving soldiers "phonies"?

They always ask for apologies, and it just makes them look weak.

How about another resolution condemning Limbaugh? Or better:

How about taking Limbaugh off Armed Forces radio? Read below the fold...

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"Faggots, Niggers and Bitches:" Perlstein's TNR Swan Song

Rick is leaving TNR for fairer shores, and he knocks one out of the park as he goes. I wish I'd written this, it's damn good.
Read below the fold...

Mikey Weinstein takes on Rush!

Thank The God of Your Choice, If Any, that somebody's standing up to that blowhard. Read below the fold...

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Two Strikes? Fuggetabboutit.

I told you he would walk.

Must be nice to be white, rich, and protected. Read below the fold...

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Limbaugh: "I'm gonna give you my love"

Rush Limbaugh, pictured after being detained at Palm Beach International airport for possession of prescription drugs.

Of course, lefties like Duncan are spinning this as something naughty. Read below the fold...

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