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Letter to the Editor

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Letter to the Editor: Feel Free To Borrow and Rewrite [Revised]

The LA Times editor says they are publishing this letter, so I'm posting it in case anyone else may want to send something like it to their paper. Feel free to rewrite, improve, expand, whatever you like. But as Ralphbon notes in the comments below, cut-and-paste copying is probably not the best idea. If it starts looking like a form letter, it'll be trashed.

The Times only accepts pieces under 150 words, so this one is short. It's in response to an editorial entitled "Debt and Taxes in DC."

And here's the letter:

RE: Debt & Taxes in DC (9 November, 2012)

We, the Enemies?

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Tennesseean reader calls for HR 676

National health care works in Canada, and it could work in U.S., too

The United States spends at least 40 percent more per capita on health care than any other industrialized nation ($7,129/capita).

We spend 16 percent of our gross domestic product while other industrial countries spend about 10 percent (i.e., Canada). In Canada, everyone is covered while we have 47 million uninsured people and probably 100 million underinsured.

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Letter to the Des Moines Register

'Free' market is too costly, not working

The most recent privatization debacle is the Medicare Advantage program. This free-market alternative for senior citizens costs taxpayers 17 percent more than the government-administered traditional Medicare program, with substantial subsidies going to private insurance companies.

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