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Knitting Daily

Now On youtube there's a plethora of videos, you can check them out, but for example there's this one by Free People. (I'm pretty sure it'a a whole series so grab some needles and some yarn and go hog wild!) Read more about Knitting Daily

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Knitting Daily

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Knitting Daily

I know, it's been too long, but here you are, my latest FO (finished object for all you non-knitters out there) and newest addition to my etsy shop:

Machine washable cotton baby/toddler hats. :D Read more about Knitting Daily

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Do We Make Things To Make Ourselves Feel Better?


Is knitting self medication? Are people who make things -- even if it's dinner, the bed, laundry, gardening and other activities that require physical engagement -- just getting a dose of the poor person's Prozac?

Possibly. Lifting Depression, A Neuroscientist's Hands On Approach to Activating Your Brain's Healing Power makes a good case for "effort-driven rewards," like crafting, as an alternative or addition to medication and/or psychotherapy. Read more about Do We Make Things To Make Ourselves Feel Better?

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Knitting for Madison

So I'm shipping out a package of handknits Tuesday (a package of handknit hats is being overnighted to me tomorrow so I have to wait to overnight my package until Tuesday). Here's what we have so far:
Union Scarves! Read more about Knitting for Madison

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She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot knitkini

I'm busy knitting (by request) bikinis for my etsy store. I'm planning on making a purple/yellow polka dotted one too. Hehehehe.

Here's the first one so far:

DSCN0069 Read more about She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot knitkini

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Knit Knit Revolution

The revolution may not be televised, but it will be handmade!

The front closer up:


The back: Read more about Knit Knit Revolution

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Artesanía: word of the day, theme of my new year

Artesanía is the Spanish word for handicrafts (I looked it up!). I love how pretty the word is, just as I love making things with my hands. I know a lot of Correntians love working with their hands too, so I wish you all a New Year of Happy Handcrafting!

So who wants to talk about their crafting plans, goals, wishes for the year with me?
I'll go first. I want to improve my knitting and crocheting methodically, and I want to get to a point where I can make some hobby money with it. So I am going to study off a couple of books (of which I need to get my own copies).
I also started a "memory crochet diary" -- check it out at
and tell me what you think of it. Read more about Artesanía: word of the day, theme of my new year

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Quick knits

I just saw a post on learning to knit and I know how Lambert likes the knitting posts, so I thought that I'd post about some projects I've been doing. I've been insanely busy with classes so I haven't really been knitting, but I just did some super quick and easy knitting projects and I thought I'd share them (these have all been done in the past weeks and they each took an evening or less).

Read more about Quick knits

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Crochet for a new New Deal

As part of my ongoing efforts to stick my fingers in my ears and sing "la la la la la" very loudly and pretend Roosevelt is President...

I started making this hat in 2002. The pattern is from a booklet (price 10 cents!) published in 1936. I decided to use some very nice antique wool fingering yarn that I've had sitting around for some time. The yarn is medium grey with a blue tone and a kind of tweediness I like very much. Here's how far I got: Read more about Crochet for a new New Deal

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For Lambert


The knitting Olympics are upon us so hopefully I will have more soon. (I know you're always saying we need more knitting posts. I do have a really nice tube top I'm almost done with that I promise to post. It's GORGEOUS.) Read more about For Lambert

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Post 4th Finished Object

I posted previously about my WIP (work in progress-you will all learn knitting terms when I'm done muahahahahaha!) and I'm here to (finally) post some pics of my FO (finished object). And since it took so long, an extra special piece too. And I'm also posting information about how to keep your favourite knitted items in their original shape (natural fibres tend to stretch, shrink, etc.)

Here it is:
Read more about Post 4th Finished Object

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Knitherapy. (Or: Lambert you asked for it)

Awhile ago Lambert welcomed knitters from Ravelry, more specifically coming from the Just Hillary group. (Though he didn't know that.) He said he wished we posted about knitting. So I am posting about knitting and our lovely group, but there are lots of pretty pictures.

Here's my (almost finished) latest project:

This is the back piece. Read more about Knitherapy. (Or: Lambert you asked for it)

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