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Plantidote of the Day 2013-01-25

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Weekend Plantidote 2013-01-05 (for those in plantidote withdrawal)


lily, daylily, iris, jonquil Read below the fold...

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Plantidote of the Day 2012-06-14

Mystery flower

This is an iris, I believe, but I'm not sure what kind. This is the harbinger of full on summer and tucked in here in the shade of a petal is a beetle, or a june bug.

I'm heading out on a three week road trip, Northern US and Canada. Hopefully I will have "plantidotes from the road" for you.

Kath Read below the fold...

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Plantidote of the Day 2012-05-22



Rumor has it there are a few iris lovers here. So this one is for you guys! Read below the fold...

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Plantidote of the Day 2011-06-03

red iris


If his yard is any indication, Correntian Eureka Springs is one lucky guy. He has a garden filled with irises from the previous owner, who must have been a serious iris lover. Example: The spectacular, rare red flowers above: Read below the fold...

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Plantidote of the Day 2011-01-27



Mystery Iris

This is the most frilly iris I've ever seen, but I have no idea what kind it is. My best guess is that it's a bearded iris, but who knows? The sheer number of different irises is overwhelming, and it's hard for me to identify the characteristics that separate them.

This one is growing in the yard of a neighbor who was president of a national iris society years ago, so it might be something exotic. Or not. Anyone have an idea?

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Plantidote of the Day (2010-08-30)

Card Carrying Buddhist sends this picture of a "TB Loreley":

CCB's iris

And for the story behind the plant:

Read below the fold...

Planting bulbs and ripening tomatoes

I just got some tulips, some daffodils, and two pots of (tuberous) Iris.

Basically, I want them to bring life to one corner of the house.

I'm going to plant them in concentric semicircles: Tulips, which bloom in early spring, outermost, away from the house; then daffodils, in late spring, and last of all, nearest the house, the iris.

They'll get only partial sun, and where the soil is OK, but not excellent. Because they'll be near the side of the house, they'll get rain off the roof, but the drainage is good enough so they won't sit in standing water. Read below the fold...

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