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US & SA Realpolitiks Stink

Patrick Cockburn in “Cracks in the House of Saud” discusses President Obama’s visit to King Abdullah in Saudi Arabia last week. It was Obama’s first visit there in over five years reveals Cockburn.

Cockburn explores the present relationship troubles between the two regimes. He writes: Read below the fold...

Wrong-Side-of-History Obama’s UN Speech: 10 Issues

Obama’s speech to the UN on Tuesday was slick and creepy -- dangerously threatening at times, especially its rejection of any serious commitment to the basic UN charter, and hypocritically jingoistic at other times, particularly in rationalizing “military humanitarian intervention” and conflating US imperialism with benignly “stabilizing the globe.” Read below the fold...

US Prez/Media Play Us Americans As World's Lynch Mob

I just read an illuminating article by David North entitled “US imperialism and the proxy war in Syria.” North addresses the reality that once again an overwhelming amount of pro-war propaganda is flooding out at us from the mainstream corporate media, broadcast and newspaper. Read below the fold...

US Joins Genocidal Jihad Against Middle Eastern Shia! WTF?

Criminal hegemonic war-mongerers, including Obama with his charming PR speech, are among the G-8 power leaders meeting in Northern Ireland to discuss the fate of Syria.

The Obama administration, just as Bush used WMDs for the pre-emptive war with Iraq, is using the bogus “highly confident” (wink, wink) “chemical weapons accusation” to justify officially supporting the supposedly “rebel” forces in Syria. Read below the fold...

Iraq War’s Ultimate Lie Behind the Lies Fatally Lives On

One of the deepest (and most chilling) tenth anniversary Iraq War analyses is written by Gary Leupp, entitled: The Victory of the Noble Lie: The Neocons Won. Read below the fold...

Iraq War Criminality Sustained These 10 Bloody Years

So tell me, as the years have gone by and more and more has become known about the colossal mendacity used to justify and trigger the Iraq War, which some of us knew from the get-go, how come the shock, awe and gratuitous killings, overt and covert, have steamrolled onward within and without Iraq these ten bloody years? Read below the fold...

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Sunshine Week transcript! Julian Assange at Sam Adams Awards

Dreamworks' upcoming movie The Fifth Estate about WikiLeaks is "a lie upon a lie," says Julian Assange. "It fans the flames to start a war with Iran... So that’s the reality of where we’re at. Not merely a war of intelligence agencies, but a war of corrupt media, corrupt culture."

A little complicated, I'm going to explain a rash of transcripts I hope to post. Thanks to Lambert for giving me the opportunity.

The Oxford Union in January hosted the Sam Adams Awards for Integrity in Intelligence, where this year American Tom Fingar won the award for overseeing the 2007 NIE Estimate on Iran. "A consummate intelligence professional, Fingar would not allow the NIE to be 'fixed around the policy,' the damning phrase used in the famous 'Downing St. Memo' of July 23, 2002 to describe the unconscionable process that served up fraudulent intelligence to 'justify' war with Iraq," said the press release. Past award winners and associates also spoke, including 2010 winner Julian Assange by video link, the YouTube of which Oxford Union posted right away. Controversy ensued when the Guardian's Amelia Hill wrote a column saying Assange found "no allies and tough queries" at the Union. Craig Murray, who also spoke that evening, was furious at Hill's portrayal and posted a rebuttal with video embedded, Amelia Hill is a Dirty Liar. Who you gonna believe, the Guardian or your lying eyes?

Murray's latest blog post now has a YouTube of him and some of the other speakers that night, finally posted by Oxford Union two months after the fact, so guess what the next transcript I post will be. (Sorry, Oxford Union posted Fingar's YouTube in February, but I haven't transcribed it.)

As always, help with proofing much appreciated. Read below the fold...

Senate Resolution to Outsource Iran War Decision to Israel

If you don’t think this is worrisome, you are not thinking!

Ali Gharib in “Senators Press Resolution to Green-Light Israeli Attack on Iran”:

A joint resolution set to be introduced by Sens. Lindsey Graham (SC) and Robert Menendez (NJ), a Republican and Democrat, respectively, declares U.S. support for an Israeli military strike against Iran's nuclear program.

Read below the fold...

U.S. Hearts Saudi Despots

Have we as a citizenry ever gotten a good answer on why the U.S. went after Iraq when a whopping 15 of the 19 Al Qaeda hijackers in the 9/11 attacks (according to wikipedia) were citizens of Saudi Arabia? (The four others were from Egypt, Lebanon and the UAE.)

Have we ever gotten a good answer as to why negative focus has never been directed by U.S. administrations or corporate media against the despotic monarchy of Saudi Arabia (our main weapons customer) while it oppresses its own people and enables other despotisms to oppress theirs? Read below the fold...

Refreshing to Have Jill Stein as a President with Spine!

Jill Stein is a “citizen-politician” who refuses to behave herself.

Dr. Stein refuses to stay in the campaigning bull-shit bubble.

She doesn’t suffer fools or play the crony let’s-screw-the-99% game.

Someone on a website recently called Jill Stein “the best presidential candidate you’ll never hear about”.

Jill Stein is a Boston physician (Harvard educated) and veteran activist and candidate with the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party
. Read below the fold...

US Citizens Goose-Step to Voting Booth & War with Iran

A vote for either Obama or Romney will be an endorsement for a war with Iran.

Both evil Romney and supposedly lesser evil Obama are committed to more war in general and committed to obliging Israel’s strident insistence for a war with Iran.

All American citizens should think of this as they cast their ballots. Think of their own participation -- their enabling -- the greatest crime against humanity -- WAR. Read below the fold...

Superficial, Hypocritical and Insolent Obama at UN

So on Tuesday morning Obama shoveled forth his hollow “we are the mighty righteous ones” rhetoric once again while threatening another war -- a major war -- with Iran.

Granted, this is not big news to anyone, considering the massive deaths and displacements, past and ongoing, from the violence perpetrated by the US/NATO/Israel in the Middle East. Also considering the sustained US corporate media drumbeats and an awesomely bipartisan for Israel codependent Congress having been railing for war with Iran for a good long time now.

This time Obama’s lame, high-flying rhetoric righteously justifying the craven war-mongering -- with jingoistic flourishes for those of us in the cheap seats -- was made while addressing the opening session of the General Assembly of the UN. Read below the fold...

75% of Global Arms Sales from US -- Super-Merchant-of-Death

The exact percentage for the United States, 2011 leader in global arms sales, is 77.7%.

The runner-up global arms seller is Russia with a comparatively meager 5.6%.

In 2010 our weapons sales were valued at $21.4 billion.

In 2011 our weapons sales are valued at $66.3.

In one year, the weapons sales by the US have TRIPLED!!!!


The above statistics are from an article by Bill Van Auken of wsws. The statistics were released last week having been compiled by the Congressional Research Service (CRS).

Van Auken writes: Read below the fold...

Netanyahu Entraps Election-Bound Obama re War with Iran

According to Philip Giraldi, at the end of July Defense Secretary Leon Panetta traveled to Israel to get a commitment from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not to attack Iran BEFORE AMERICA’S ELECTIONS. He did not get it.

Some intelligence analysts in Washington believe Netanyahu will attack Iran in October. The weather will be suitable and Obama will be “squeezed” due to the election and his need for Jewish support to support the Israelis in their attack.

Giraldi believes an equal number of analysts believe he is bluffing.

Creepy 50/50 odds. Read below the fold...


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