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The Politicization of Genocide

William Hanna in “Hypocrisy, Double Standards, and the Politicisation of Genocide” explains that in 1998 120 states of the international community adopted the Rome Statute which established a legal basis for establishing an International Criminal Court (ICC).

The U.S. and Israel signed the ICC accord in 2000. They have since withdrawn and opposed the ICC because the political leaders of both do not wish to be judged according to a “global standard of justice.” Read more about The Politicization of Genocide

8-14 NYC Gaza Forum Part 1: Intro, Marlowe, & Kuttab

I entered the Great Hall of Cooper Union in New York City last Thursday night for yet another consciousness-raising forum sponsored and organized by World Can’t Wait under the leadership of its national coordinator, Debra Sweet. This one was focused on Israeli war crimes in Gaza.

I was relieved to see that a huge crowd had turned out. Read more about 8-14 NYC Gaza Forum Part 1: Intro, Marlowe, & Kuttab

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Military Training Programs: Now More Chinese

It should've been a huge red flag (indeed, it was for some of us) when Bush refused to allow the US to sign on the International Criminal Court system with the rest of the civilized world back in 2002. Just as I pointed out recently that some people were told about an upcoming war well before everyone else, the astute could (and can) tell what the Bush administration is plannning on doing in large part by analysis of what they won't do. Read more about Military Training Programs: Now More Chinese

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