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"House of Cards": A Gumbo of the Obsequious and Salacious Goings on in D.C.

"House of Cards" with Kevin Spacey which started yesterday on Netflix is, from what I've seen so far, on the money, so to speak, regarding our corrupt crony capitalist system . It was a hit in the UK, so Netflix decided to gamble and produce it themselves. They got David Fincher and the guy that wrote the political thriller "Ides of March", Beau Willimon, to write the scripts. You can watch all 13 episodes at once too. Read below the fold...

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An Oscar Alternative, Because Hollywood's Billions in Profit$ Aren't Going Into Workers' Pockets


No doubt you'll be shocked to learn that Hollywood's recent enormous profits aren't translating into more jobs for chronically un- and under-employed tradespeople.

Hollywood is one of the last hold-outs in terms of strong unions, something the thoughtful and kindly gentlemen who run the studios would trade their children to eliminate. So, in keeping with the Wisconsin, etc.-inspired Solidarity movement, here's Home, a remarkable, 90-minute film you can watch online (sorry, but there doesn't seem to be a way to embed the video). Read below the fold...

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Los Angeles Iraq War Protest Photo Essay Part II

This too is America


As promised, I am posting more images taken at the Hollywood, California "Stop the War Protest" held March 17th, 2007--Part I on this subject can be found here.

George looks blueish Read below the fold...

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