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HRC-Neutralizer of Left for Wall Street, Monsanto, NSA, etc.


Jon Queally in “Amid Populist Surge, Hillary Clinton to Wall Street's Rescue?” discusses a Tuesday NYT's article that suggests that Hillary Clinton is viewed as a “solution” by Wall Street in relation to all the unsettling populist calls for “stronger economic reforms and regulations.”

It seems that Hillary Clinton’s upcoming presidential nomination by many progressive/Dem cronies is viewed as a sure thing, a veritable cakewalk, a heralded “coronation” exercise. Read below the fold...

Bill & Hillary’s 6-Figure Speeches NOT for Personality!


Zaid Jilani for Al Jazeera America has written a very disturbing article entitled “The Clintons web of wealth/Where did Bill and Hillary get all their money?”

Hillary Clinton has been making noises lately that she knows what it is like to have money stress. That she and her husband were “dead broke” when they left the White House and they were forced to give six figure a piece speeches. Read below the fold...

Obama, US, NATO Heart Al Qaeda in Syria (WTF?)

NATO ministers met in Brussels today, December 5th, to approve Turkey’s request for Patriot missiles and for foreign and US troops to be deployed to their border with Syria.

The US/NATO War-machine plows onward in the attempted illegitimate overthrow of Syria, much as it did with its successful illegitimate overthrow of Libya.

Turkey has offered geographical strategic assistance to the US- and NATO-backed so-called “rebels” trying to overthrow Assad’s Syrian regime. Turkey now offers itself as a flimsy fig-leaf for craven powerful western intervention into Syria. Read below the fold...

INTRO-Syria Loses InfoWar To Morally Unhinged US/Israel/NATO

Okay, my first selected title of this blog was a tad too long but let me repeat it here:

“Blood-Bathed Syria Loses Info War To Serial Deceit of Morally & Militarily Unhinged (But Murderous) US/Israel/NATO”

Fasten your seatbelt if there’s the remotest chance your mind and heart are open to reality re the latest amoral outrage going on in Syria. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. Of WW III proportions. (I wish I were being hyperbolic.)

“We’ve seen this movie before,” one of the dozen or so HONEST journalists I have been reading in the past few days reminds. Read below the fold...

US/NATO 'Take Out' Plan of All Pro-Palestinian Countries


Okay, let’s get to the heart of things which any even remotely-corporate media can’t begin to.

Chris Marsden writes:

The international media is conspiring to conceal the real aims and intentions of the United States and other major powers towards Syria.

Read below the fold...

Why Over 1 Million Iraqis Were Killed & 4 Million Displaced by the U.S.


FIRST LOOK: WALL STREET IN IRAQ? – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Deputy Secretary Tom Nides (formerly chief administrative officer at Morgan Stanley) will host a group of corporate executives at State this morning as part of the Iraq Business Roundtable. Corporate executives from approximately 30 major U.S. companies – including financial firms Citigroup, JPMorganChase and Goldman Sachs – will join U.S. and Iraqi officials to discuss economic opportunities in the new Iraq. Full list of corporate participants:*

*Participating Companies in Business Roundtable

Read below the fold...

Soul-Dead President Walking (589 Obama-dumping days until 2012 election)

(589 Obama-dumping days left until 2012 election, Hugh's Obama's Scandals List)

Obama is a political gamesman. He lied his way into power.

Now he is determined to do and say anything to ensure a second term in 2012. That is his priority. His focus. His limited character.

Human needs and rights of others? Not so important. Read below the fold...

Don’t Turn Your Back on Hillary Clinton or How Ray McGovern Evoked Hypocrisy in Real Time

71-year old peace advocate Ray McGovern, wearing a Veterans for Peace T-shirt, stood in the audience with his back toward Hillary Clinton as she gave a speech at Washington University on February 15th. McGovern’s stance, what he calls “silent witness”, was a protest of Mrs. Clinton’s support for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It was not long before McGovern was assaulted and dragged out of the audience by two security men. “So this is America!” McGovern declared. “This is America!” Read below the fold...

Being U.S. President is Never Having to Say You’re Sorry, Never Stopping a Madness You Didn’t Start & Inducing National Amnesia

John Grant has a wry, clear way of framing the moral vacuum that is America and its ferocious military status quo that steamrolls ever onward, contrary to all logic, justice and empathy.

Grant contends that the U.S.'s Middle East influence has profoundly waned, as opposed to Turkey’s and Iran’s, despite “hundreds of thousands of soldiers and billions of dollars of equipment and bases." “And a lot of face to save,” he adds. The 2003 U.S. Iraq invasion and occupation was what “boosted” Iran to strong regional influence he emphasizes.

John Grant on George W. Bush's reflection on his war (or lack of reflection): Read below the fold...

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Unless You Want Another Recession, Don't Pine For the Clinton Surpluses


The other day, in one of their e-mails, Democracy For America (DFA) posed the choice for me in the 2010 elections this way:

This election, the choice is clear:

  • Republicans like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell want to retain the Bush-Cheney reckless tax cuts for the wealthy that created out of control budget deficits and lead America into a jobs-losing recession.
  • Democrats like Barack Obama and Patrick Leahy want to return to the booming Clinton-Gore economy that led to balanced budgets and created over 22 million new jobs.
Read below the fold...
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What Are We Going to Do in 2010 and 2012 (Part Four)?

It's that time again, people. As the summer bogs down in a swamp of heat, humidity and semi-amusing wingnut insanity, let us turn our minds to cooler times in the future, to the month of September, when (dreamy sigh) the aspens will be turning, and election season will be upon us. Read below the fold...

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Court Sides With Latinos in Texas Two-Step Case

Via Pacific John:

Ruling favors Latino voters in Texas Democrat suit

By PAUL J. WEBER, Associated Press Writer Paul J. Weber, Associated Press Writer - Tue Aug 25, 4:18 pm ET

SAN ANTONIO - Latino voters [sic] celebrated a federal court ruling Tuesday that came down against the Texas Democratic Party and could put the complicated "Texas Two-step" presidential delegate system in jeopardy.

Read below the fold...


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