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An honorarium a day keeps the doctor away

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Connecticut C.A.R.E Free Healthcare Clinic in Hartford

A bit of video from Countdown on Dorgan, Dodd, the Senate supermajority and the Free Clinics: Read below the fold...

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Health Insurance Mandate vs. the U.S. Constitution

By David Swanson

Does the United States Constitution allow Congress to force people to purchase a product (health insurance) from a private corporation, and fine them or tax them if they refuse? The answer is a matter of debate, but there is little dispute that such an act of Congress would be unprecedented.

Sheldon Laskin, an Adjunct Professor at the University of Baltimore Law School who has argued that the Constitution forbids such a move, describes the new and dangerous can of worms it would open up: Read below the fold...

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"Public option": the mother of all teachable moments


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What Bruce Dixon said:
Read below the fold...

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Maybe "Mythbusters" should do an episode on "public option"!

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Requiem for a phantom

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The (presumed) death of "public option" leads to belated moments of clarity

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This is your brain NOT on frim-fram sauce.

Once the assumption is made that the symbolic fetish object known as "public option" is off the table, suddenly the critical faculties come back (after a fashion).

One starts asking fundamental questions, instead of dodging them at all costs. Read below the fold...

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Republicans and Blue Dogs Advocate Against Constituents


Everything the Blue Dogs and Republican propose: Tort Reform, Competition Across State lines, Co-ops, Trigger... Benefit the Insurance Industry Not the People.

The GOP made heatlth care a Constitutional Right for all Iraqi citizens, including Single-Payer. Yet they are advocating for the Insurance Industy, with misinformation, against their constituents' best interests.

Read below the fold...

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Obama Inadvertently Explains Why Any Public Option Health Insurance Is Doomed


Here's how Obama described how the public option will affect private insurers:

He said an audience member raised a "legitimate concern" about how a government-run health-care program might affect private insurers.

Read below the fold...
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PalMD on health care reform


Over at White Coat Underground, PalMD has posted a very nice three-part series on the problems that need to be addressed by health care reform (and most definitely not "health" "care" "reform") as he sees them, including some useful analysis from the physician's point of view.

Part I
Part II
Part III

Here is his conclusion: Read below the fold...

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A Tale of Two Obamas

The one before the election:

The one now: Read below the fold...

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You Don't Have Health Insurance


You just think you do. But, of course, those Baseline Scenario guys are totally DFHs! Read below the fold...

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The Single Payer Pledge

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Dude, Obama Already Faced His Biggest Issue

Mike Lux on the healthcare fight:

This is the biggest issue for Barack Obama, and his ability to get anything else significant done will die if health care dies.

Er, no. Obama already faced his biggest issue - is this country a democracy or an oligarchy?* And on that one, he already made his decision - trillions of dollars for Wall Street, a pittance for the rest of America. Why do you think the costs of healthcare are such an issue? Because dude already spent all of our money on Wall Street. Read below the fold...


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