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What could possibly go wrong?


Goldman, State Dept. team up to help women

A woman in a developing country running her own small business can face any number of obstacles: discrimination, limited access to funding, and little education on how to manage the balance sheet of her company or win more customers.

Priceless: Why The Plumber is Smarter Than the Ben Bernank


Matt Taibbi has a link to a priceless animated cartoon by ZERO HEDGE. It is a must see. Two Bears explain what Ben Bernanke (They call him The Ben Bernank) is up to in doing this "quantitative easing" deal. The bears say QE is "printing a ton of money". But Taibbi thinks the big deal is the continual funneling of money to Goldman Sachs. Watch the two bears and you will finally understand what is going on and it's not pretty.

Taibbi on Bernanke's Fed Move Read more about Priceless: Why The Plumber is Smarter Than the Ben Bernank

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Lloyd, You're Confusing "America" And "Goldman Sachs" Again

[Welcome, C&L readers! -- lambert]

Charles Wilson, the President of General Motors once famously said during congressional hearings that, as Secretary of Defense, he would be able to make a decision adverse to the interests of GM but that such a situation was virtually inconceivable "because for years I thought what was good for the country was good for General Motors and vice versa". For decades, Charles Wilson has stood alone as the Platonic ideal of corporate whores and douchebags who have no compunction about plundering the public and the Treasury to serve their corporate ends, because, well, hey if it's good for us, it's good for the America. Read more about Lloyd, You're Confusing "America" And "Goldman Sachs" Again

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The Vampire Squid and the Golf Resort

And of course, there's a Tiger Woods connection. You can't make this stuff up.

From Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge:

Golf Resort Linked To Tiger's Apology Files For Bankruptcy, Goldman Implicated (No, Seriously)

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If Women Ran Wall Street Would We Be Looking at Epic Fail?

Over at New Deal 2.0, Nomi Prins, a former Goldman insider, thinks the answer's no:

But, the question is, would the massive bailout of the financial sector have occurred, had women been at its helm? Indeed, Davos economists this year speculated that the presence of more women on Wall Street might have averted the downturn.

She lines up the likes of Elizabeth Warren, Sheila Blair, Brooksely Borne against some of the more prominent vampire squid -- Bernke, Paulson, Geithner, Lloyd Blankfein (of we're doing "God's work" fame) et al and thinks the gender split may be not just coincidental.

New derivatives legislation "was probably written by JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs"


The Nation:

Who drafted this dubious piece of legislation? Bankers (or their lawyers) did. The leading sellers of derivatives are an exclusive club of five very large financial institutions--Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs--that hold 95 percent of the derivatives exposure among the largest banks (the total contract value exceeds $290 trillion). These are the same folks who toppled the global economy and compelled government to intervene with gigantic bailouts.

Golden Sacks has a LinkedIn profile!



* Bank Street College of Education


Gambling & Casinos


Apparently, they have 0 connections. That's odd. Read more about Golden Sacks has a LinkedIn profile!

About that stock manipulation software Goldman Sachs owns...

Dean Baker asks a good question:

The NYT had a bizarre piece in which it reported on the FBI's arrest of a former Goldman Sachs employee because he allegedly stole software from Goldman Sachs which the article says a federal prosecutor claims: "could be used to 'unfairly manipulate' stock prices."

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Banksters to make big fees from AIG breakup

Having bailed them out with billions of TARP dollars, we must now allow them to make even more money. Reuters:

Wall Street banks and lawyers could collect nearly $1 billion in fees from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and American International Group Inc to help manage and break apart the insurer, The Wall Street Journal said on Wednesday, citing its own analysis.

Morgan Stanley could collect as much as $250 million, the newspaper said, citing banking experts and documents released by the New York Fed.

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Goldman Sachs - still scum

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Connecting the dots: Goldman Sachs and the PROFIT act

Goldman Sachs and its ilk, who received billions in taxpayer money through TARP to keep them in business, have recently posted high quarterly profits. But what do the taxpayers get for our largesse? This is not a non-sequitur, as a post in naked capitalism today makes clear; and at least 6 House Democrats want to do something about the situation. That is the PROFIT act, which Mary Jo Kilroy (D-OH) and six others (Reps. Brad Sherman, John Boccieri, Betty Sutton, Jackie Speier, Marcia Fudge and Alan Grayson) introduced to little fanfare last week. Read more about Connecting the dots: Goldman Sachs and the PROFIT act

Goldman Executive Named as Obama Adviser

From the New York Times via Bloomberg:

Goldman Executive Named as Obama Adviser

Published: July 18, 2009


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