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HRC-Neutralizer of Left for Wall Street, Monsanto, NSA, etc.


Jon Queally in “Amid Populist Surge, Hillary Clinton to Wall Street's Rescue?” discusses a Tuesday NYT's article that suggests that Hillary Clinton is viewed as a “solution” by Wall Street in relation to all the unsettling populist calls for “stronger economic reforms and regulations.”

It seems that Hillary Clinton’s upcoming presidential nomination by many progressive/Dem cronies is viewed as a sure thing, a veritable cakewalk, a heralded “coronation” exercise. Read more about HRC-Neutralizer of Left for Wall Street, Monsanto, NSA, etc.

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Stock dumping, Goldman Sachs edition

Last quarter Goldman Sachs insiders dumped 57,000 shares of GS stock. The previous quarter they dumped 14,573,300.

Lloyd Blankfein has dumped 137,670 shares since October.

Basically Goldman Sachs is conducting a global bust out operation, and no one, not even their own firm, is exempt. Read more about Stock dumping, Goldman Sachs edition

Spineless Oversight Protects & Encourages Poisonous Snakes


Barry Grey in wsws:

Just last month, Neil Barofsky, the former special inspector general for the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), gave an interview on the occasion of the publication of his new book on the bank bailout in which he complained of the failure to hold to account any of the bankers responsible for the financial disaster. “It was shocking how much control the big banks had over their own bailout,” he said.

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In praise of Greg Smith

Greg Smith's resignation letter reminded me of nothing so much as Soviet defectors. He letter had the same tone of disillusion and just can't take it anymore. Read more about In praise of Greg Smith

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Brooksley Born's LONE Futile Fight w/Greenspan Fraudsters


Re-POST from 4-8-10

Citigroup's Rubin's and Prince's "Duh" testimony in Congress about the financial crisis! So, sorry, America. We had no idea. Is that as good as the accountability gets?

Time to resurrect the story of Brooksley Born this week and try to sustain in our memory how clearly it indicts these masters of the universe who have gang-raped Americans of their financial security. The truth of Born's story won't be highlighted with any help from a corporate-loving media, unfortunately, or a Congress that colluded with the financial clique headed by Greenspan that "killed" messenger Born's message OVER A DECADE AGO. Read more about Brooksley Born's LONE Futile Fight w/Greenspan Fraudsters

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West Coast Ports Shutdown

A multi-city effort targeting Wall Street on the Waterfront, including a lot of activity by inland groups. Some details here, and be sure to read the first comment for excellent overview of union involvement.

More details are at West Coast Port Shut Down website. Also, please be aware that the times in this listing are not official. Check the website link above for accurate information. Read more about West Coast Ports Shutdown

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12 Dec: Occupy Ports, West Coast Port Shutdown and More

A national effort aimed at "Wall Street on the waterfront." Some back story from Hip Hop Occupies:

From Seattle to San Diego, oppressed peoples of all backgrounds are mobilizing to shut down the power of the 1% in this coordinated national effort. We choose to occupy capital, not capitol buildings, because we are no longer waiting to have our voices validated at the whim of elected officials.

More in this 6-minute YouTube.

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Goldman withdraws sponsorship of working class credit union that supports #OWS

Bank Withdraws From Fund-Raiser After 'Occupy Wall Street' Gets Place at Table

1) #OWS opens an account at Lower East Side People's Federal Credit Union, a local credit union, to hold donations.

2) The Vampire Squid sponsors a dinner held by Lower East Side People's Federal Credit Union, which also serves the poor.

3) Lower East Side People's Federal Credit Union honors Occupy Wall Street at the dinner

4) Goldman Sachs, which told the credit union it didn't want its name or money used to celebrate a protest movement known for placards like "Goldman Sachs is the work of the devil," took their money and left.

What a bunch of idiots.

WSJ: Read more about Goldman withdraws sponsorship of working class credit union that supports #OWS

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Letter to OWS Protestors from Goldman Chairman Lloyd Blankfein

via Andy Borowitz:

Dear Investor:

Up until now, Goldman Sachs has been silent on the subject of the protest movement known as Occupy Wall Street. That does not mean, however, that it has not been very much on our minds. As thousands have gathered in Lower Manhattan, passionately expressing their deep discontent with the status quo, we have taken note of these protests. And we have asked ourselves this question:

How can we make money off them?

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Goldman Sachs behind skyrocketing food prices


Foreign Policy

For just under a decade, the GSCI remained a relatively static investment vehicle, as bankers remained more interested in risk and collateralized debt than in anything that could be literally sowed or reaped. Then, in 1999, the Commodities Futures Trading Commission deregulated futures markets. All of a sudden, bankers could take as large a position in grains as they liked, an opportunity that had, since the Great Depression, only been available to those who actually had something to do with the production of our food. ...


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