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Close Guantanamo Now/Doctors of the Dark Side

As I followed some stone steps leading through a pretty courtyard to the side entrance of the Unitarian Church of All Souls on the upper East side of New York last Thursday, I drew in a serious lungful of cold, crisp night air to help gird myself for what I was about to hear and see. Read below the fold...

toritto: In Defense of 'Hysterical' Lefties

The following is by one of my favorite writers (and human beings) -- toritto!!!

Yes. I busted my ass for Obama the first time around.

Opened my checkbook, campaigned, knocked on doors. Did everything I could to see that he carried Florida in the Presidential election.

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Australian David Hicks: Survivor of Gitmo’s Sadistic Abuse

Richard Phillips in “David Hicks seeks to overturn Guantánamo “terrorism” conviction” reveals that former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Australian citizen David Hicks has lodged an appeal with the US Court of Military Commission Review to overturn his 2007 conviction of “providing support for terrorism.” It is expected that the commission will NOT quash Hicks’ conviction. His American lawyer from the Center for Constitutional Rights will then appeal the case to the US federal district court. Read below the fold...

Wrong-Side-of-History Obama’s UN Speech: 10 Issues

Obama’s speech to the UN on Tuesday was slick and creepy -- dangerously threatening at times, especially its rejection of any serious commitment to the basic UN charter, and hypocritically jingoistic at other times, particularly in rationalizing “military humanitarian intervention” and conflating US imperialism with benignly “stabilizing the globe.” Read below the fold...

The Tragic & Dangerous Arrested Development of Barack Obama

I recently came across an interesting article with some bold theorizing by Robert J. Burrowes entitled “The Destruction of Obama.” Burrowes uses Obama’s autobiography “Dreams From My Father” to analyze probable childhood conditioning for what he determines is Obama’s lack of psychological integration today.

I have not read the book, but I found many of Burrowes’ psychological conclusions compelling.

Burrowes sees Obama as having serious and endangering “issues” and lists a few principle ones: Read below the fold...

WCW 6/19/13 NYC EMERGENCY Forum Re NSA-Part 3 of 3

WCW 6/19/13 NYC EMERGENCY Forum Re NSA-Part 1 of 3
WCW 6/19/13 NYC EMERGENCY Forum Re NSA-Part 2 of 3

Wednesday night, June 19, 2013, I attended an enlightening and motivating "emergency" forum for "citizens of conscience" at The Great Hall of Cooper Union in NYC entitled: NO Government Spying on Whole Populations/Hands off Snowden & Manning/Close Guantanamo NOW. Read below the fold...

Obama Steps Up Cruelty to Gitmo Hunger-Strikers

From the moment Obama became a presidential candidate in 2007, he campaigned vigorously against Guantánamo as a pillar of the flawed and failed Bush-Cheney war policy. He won the election and signed that executive order in his third day on the job, and then – once it became clear that House Republicans would be delighted to use the issue to depict him as a crypto-Muslim, terrorist-coddling pantywaist – let the whole thing drop.

Read below the fold...

Paul Harris: Portrait of Our President

The Observer’s ten-year US correspondent Paul Harris recently wrote a thoughtful article entitled “From hope to fear: the broken promises of Barack Obama.” Here is his summation: Read below the fold...

Libby's Stew: Gitmo & Obama's Alarming Inertia


Andrew O’Hehir in “Guantanamo: It’s Obama’s disgrace now”

But as details about the conditions of detainment at Guantánamo began to leak, the place began to look not just abusive and nightmarish but also bureaucratic and buffoonish. Many of those who were being held captive in those egregious circumstances were low-level foot-soldiers, or even bystanders, who’d been in the wrong place at the wrong time. ...

snip Read below the fold...

Libby's Stew: Homelessness, Bush Library, Syria, Gitmo


"6 U.S. Cities That Criminalize Homelessness" by Kevin Mathews:

... Rather than finding ways to provide assistance to some of the country’s least fortunate citizens, lawmakers have developed strict regulations to criminalize homeless people’s activities, as if they were sleeping on the sidewalk and panhandling out of malice rather than necessity.

Read below the fold...

Lying Time for Obama/Media, Dying Time for Gitmo Detainees

One of my favorite though admittedly depressing quotes of wisdom:

“Hope was the last temptation of Christ.”

This being Easter it seems relevant. Read below the fold...

100 Gitmo Hunger Strikers Appeal to Zero Dark Americans

Word has it 100 of the 166 inmates of Guantanamo are participating in a hunger strike.

The innocent detainees (“officially” 86 but God only knows how many more) of Guantanamo apparently still think there is a snowball’s chance in hell that if Zero Dark Americans -- especially the deluded “personality over principle” progressives -- really knew the truth of what had and has been happening to them before and during their unending detainments, the colossal abuses they have had to endure (and especially lately that they are enduring) not to mention their colossal and ever escalating despair after 11 LONG YEARS of incarceration without due process -- waiting, waiting, waiting for a not slow-go but really NO-go Obama-Godot, then those Zero Dark Americans would actually give a serious shit. Read below the fold...

To Torture or Not to Torture? WTF???

Why is this question even being honored in America?  

Apparently it will be posed seductively soon in a theater near you.  

Torture is wrong.  It is evil.

I offer:

“Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

The Golden Rule.

The Geneva Conventions.

Basic human decency.

A while back when I read Jacob Weisberg’s book, The Bush Tragedy, I learned that the main ego-armature for George W. Bush during his Yale University years was his participation in the fraternity culture. 

Read below the fold...

After 10 Yrs of Gitmo Injustice, US Detainees Arriving When?

First a bit of positive news from Andy Worthington, Brit investigative journalist and champion of due process for the Gitmo detainees and author of The Guantanamo Files. (Worthington was a featured speaker in a World Can’t Wait forum on Sunday in NYC.) If former President George W. Bush travels outside the borders of the United States to a foreign country, upon his arrival there is a good chance he immediately will be arrested for war crimes, particularly the perpetration of TORTURE! This is why George Bush canceled a recent trip to Switzerland. Read below the fold...

Barbara Quintiliano and Andy Worthington on Gitmo: "The Citadel of Shame" (re-post)

This is a re-post from 1-10-11. Almost a year ago. With the ever-increassing militarization of our government Gitmo as of this month has become all the more profoundly entrenched and revitalized. Conveniently useful now for internment of our own most heroic citizens of conscience who can (and will) be declared "belligerent" on the "say so" of someone in the administration and then efficiently and unconstitutionally (but that doesn't matter to the President and the vast majority of Congress) "disappeared" there (or elsewhere) forever without right and access to legal support and protection.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Read below the fold...


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