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4 Underground 'Militia Group’ US Soldiers Murder, Plot Govt Overthrow

According to an article in the Guardian, four of Georgia’s Fort Stewart’s active soldiers killed a former comrade and his girlfriend last December 4th to “protect an anarchist militia group.” Read more about 4 Underground 'Militia Group’ US Soldiers Murder, Plot Govt Overthrow

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Cheney to visit Georgia and Ukraine

Cheney heads to ex-Soviet nations in show of support

WASHINGTON (AFP) — US Vice President Dick Cheney departs Tuesday on a four-nation tour to support US allies Georgia and Ukraine amid a chill in relations with Russia over its military conflict with Georgia.

Because we don't have enough trouble. Read more about Cheney to visit Georgia and Ukraine

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Meanwhile, in Old Yurp...

I know there's a big party going on in Denver, but things seem to be equally hoppin over on the other side of the pond. Cheney is going over there, and that makes me worried. Russia says 'bring it on, bitches! We've got your oil/gas, and can turn it off anytime.

The G7 — Britain, the US, France, Canada, Germany, Italy and Japan — said in a statement released by the US State Department: “We deplore Russia’s excessive use of military force in Georgia and its continued occupation of parts of Georgia.”

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On the Georgian/Russian Conflict

[UPDATE: I've included a post from Registan with a totally different take] I confess to great ignorance, when it comes to this conflict and the region in general. But Sean-Paul's latest makes great sense to me.
Read more about On the Georgian/Russian Conflict

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Russia at War

War is always about money, in the end. I'm way behind on my newsreading, and so I totally missed this until this morning. At least some civilians are being allowed to flee. What's at stake here? Who are the key players? And Thanks, Chimpy, for opening the Pandora's Box of "wars of choice are great!" Anyone with details willing the share them, I'm grateful. It bodes ill that he's already using rhetoric like this:
Read more about Russia at War

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An interview with Regina Thomas

Connect Savannah Online

Why in the world did you decide to take on John Barrow?

Regina Thomas: Several things. First, it didn’t matter who was in the seat, this is the year that I set aside to run. Fate would have it that John’s record is horrible.

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National Day of Action, report from Atlanta

No mo HMO

Fifteen people gathered outside Blue Cross Blue Shield Georgia’s Buckhead quarters Thursday to protest for-profit health insurance.

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Candidate Regina Thomas on health care

I asked Regina Thomas, candidate for Congress in Georgia, if she supported HR 676, Medicare for All, her response: Read more about Candidate Regina Thomas on health care

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Pray For Rain in Georgia

Things are so dry down south it's time to invoke the Weather God. Such thoughts opened up my Rhyming Cumulus--soon thereafter I felt some lyrics falling, falling on me...

Pray For Rain in Georgia

she stood upon the ferry bridge
she raised her hands to the sky
help her son make it through the night
across the world so wide

he raised his eyes up to heaven
where he suspected it was
he waited for an answer
the way he always does Read more about Pray For Rain in Georgia

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War in Yurp? Russia v Georgia Gets Uglier

I know next to nothing about Russian/Georgian relations. I do know energy resources are at the heart of how they deal with each other. This can't be good:
Read more about War in Yurp? Russia v Georgia Gets Uglier

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