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Looks like NBC/CNBC/MSNBC will be giving Elisse Walter great press

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Occupy Jeff Immelt's front lawn



“In the land of the free they tax me but not G.E.!” read the invitation to protesters to take an hour bus ride to Immelt’s family home. “General Electric made billions last year; they paid no taxes, outsourced thousands of jobs, and got over $3 billion in tax refunds! Join us on a free bus trip to G.E’s CEO’s front lawn to see how our friends in the 1% live.”

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You Should Not Write on US Currency, But If You Do ….


Defacing US currency is illegal.

Nevertheless, an organization called HUG PAC (a/k/a "Hippies United Globally P.A.C.") wants to register their outrage over the inappropriate corporate US tax policies with a $1 Bill Protest. They are advocating that fed-up citizens write along the edge of their dollar bills the following:

"This is $1 more than GE, Exxon or Bank of America paid in taxes in 2010".

They also suggest you might add the word RECALL and then plug in the name of a betraying representative or two. Then let that dollar and its message circulate.

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Alex Witt is a tree, Alan Lafley is the forest

Natasha has a great post about Alex Witt of MSNBC hyping anti immigrant and anti-abortion talking points by way of drumming up opposition to health care reform. It is necessary to document every lie in real time. Or at least as many as we can.

But we also have to look at the big picture. General Electric manufactures medical imaging and other medical equipment. They have a vested interest in killing any meaningful cost control. Read below the fold...

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Examining the ecology of media lies, Redux

John Amato alters us to NBC's characterization of the support for the public option as a "fetish." Like Disney, GE has a corporate relationship with a pharmaceutical company, Procter & Gamble, which has a vested interested in no government body having the power to negotiate for prices. Read below the fold...

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There Really is a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

Krist on a kracker. Not that this will surprise you, gentle reader. But still, it's a little shocking to see it out there for all to behold. Turn off your TVs, cancel your subscriptions to cable and print propaganda organs. How many times do I have to ask you? You really feel good that your hard earned slave wages that are taxed to drop bombs on innocent brown people living atop of oil wages go to pay for this man's salary and antidemocratic projects? Jeebus I'm glad I can't say I'm doing that. Read below the fold...

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