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Ron Paul on Ending the Tragedy in Gaza


Retiring Congressman Ron Paul, former candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, comes done on the same side as many progressives on the Israeli occupation of Palestine. A recent post on his website, reiterates comments he made when was president about Gaza being nothing but a vast concentration camp.

It has never mattered to Paul which party was in power. His greatest appeal, especially among young supporters, is his ability to tell the unvarnished truth. He puts the blame for Gazan atrocities squarely where it belongs: with the US government, which is the main supplier of planes and bombs Israel uses to attack Palestinians. Read below the fold...

Craven Pragmatic Gazan Slaughter Interruptus

I read an interesting article by Jean Shaoul at wsws entitled “US and Egypt announce ceasefire in Israeli assault on Gaza”.

Shaoul asks within the article why the Israel/Gazan ceasefire co-sponsored by the United States (along with Egypt and Turkey) happened.

Say what?

But she persisted.

Why did it happen, especially since Obama himself had given a rather robust “green-light” to Israel as Obama exclusively focused on Israel’s “anti-rocket” self-defense rationalization, ignoring so many short-run and long-run pre-emptive and sadistic provocations from Israel. Read below the fold...

Obama’s Remark Re ‘Raining Missiles’ a Joke, Right?


Obama responding to the latest Israeli/Palestinian crisis at a press conference in Thailand on 11/18/12 at the start of a three-nation tour in Asia:

"Let's understand what the precipitating event here that's causing the current crisis and that was an ever-escalating number of missiles that were landing not just in Israeli territory but in areas that are populated, and there's no country on Earth that would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders.”

Obama actually said "There's no country on Earth that would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders.”

What a sense of humor that guy has! ROFLMAO!!!! Read below the fold...

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The situation in Gaza


If I understand Moon of Alabama correctly, Hammas is in a much stronger position than I imagined.

Gaza: Ceasefire Conditions And Interests

Netanyahoo, as well his allies in Washington and London, fears a ground war in Gaza. His troops would likely get bogged down in urban guerrilla fighting and would take losses from the new arms Hamas acquired from Libya and elsewhere. Public opinion in Israel would turn against Netanyahoo should any invasion of Gaza end up with high casualty rates on the Israeli side.

Read below the fold...

Netanhayu Courts Right w/ Slaughter of Nowhere-to-Run Gazans

Mohammed Omer, Palestinian journalist based in Gaza who in 2008 won the Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism, writes:

“Air strikes are bombing everything that moves. Everything that moves in the streets is being bombed and attacked. ... One thing that we ought to talk about here is the humanitarian situation in the Gaza strip. This is a situation of targeting a population of civilians, exactly like Israel is shooting in a fishbowl. And there is no shelter, and there is nowhere to run for the general population. Gaza is living in a very dire situation.”

Bill Van Auken of wsws writes: Read below the fold...

Peres Phones Obama ‘Congrats & FYI Op Cast Lead Part 2'

This is from Alan Hart:

I imagine I am not the only one who feels the need to vomit (dictionary definition - “to throw up the contents of the stomach through the mouth”) when Israel’s Goebbels justifies the Zionist state’s ferocious and monstrously disproportionate attacks by air and sea on the Israeli-blockaded Gaza Strip, the prison camp which is home to 1.5 million besieged and mainly impoverished Palestinians. The Israeli to whom I am referring is, of course, Australian-born Mark Regev, the prime minister’s spokesman, for which read spin doctor. The more I see and hear him in action, the more it seems to me that he makes Nazi Germany’s propaganda chief look like an amateur.

snip Read below the fold...

Escobar: War Porn & US Snuff-Films Using Real Populations

It may seem insensitive to blog about the evil savagery of war (called out profoundly in a recent article by Pepe Escobar) on Easter weekend, when millions of Christians are celebrating the death and resurrection of the extraordinary unconditionally open-hearted historical figure of Jesus Christ. However, to me it seems particularly appropriate considering most American citizens' (reflecting their amoral leadership’s) capacity to talk the talk of religious sentimentality and their incapacity to walk the spiritual walk role modeled by Jesus.

Commitment to promoting universal love, cooperation and partnership? Little evidence of such commitment in the United States. Read below the fold...

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NPR's Censored News Stories and Its Ombudsman's Hollow Claims

[cross posted at NPR Check]

On her blog Alicia Shepard recently made an enhanced response to her initial harsh defense of not using "coded language" like the word torture, Alicia Shepard makes the following bold claim: Read below the fold...

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All warfare is deception

Doug From Boston writes:

This will cause the residents of Gaza to suspect Hamas even more, and spread paranoia between Hamas members.

Viva Israel!

Jerry From New York: Read below the fold...

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The Gaza Siege


Your Tax dollars at work:

Read below the fold...
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Genocide in Gaza


Photo by Adel Hana AP

The silence is deafening.

January 18, 2008 Read below the fold...

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Walls Don't Work, not in Gaza nor on our Borders

Steven D speaks for me. We don't do much Israel/Palestine posting here, not for lack of interest so much as the need to write about things happening right here and not enough time to cover all of it. Let this story be an example to all those who believe that walling up America will help anything or anyone other than the wall-builders. Read below the fold...

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Israel to Tutu: Fuck Off

Color me not surprised. Off the top of my head, I can think of plenty of things Israel has done to make itself less and less defensible; shooting photographers, bombing civilian homes, locking up whistleblowers. So I suppose denying a visa to one nigger with some silly "peace" prize is par for the course:
Read below the fold...

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