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Military Pundits Cover Up Conflicts of Interest Re Syria


Democracy Now addresses a new report issued by the Public Accountability Initiative entitled "Conflicts of Interest in the Syria Debate" which identified 22 commentators from the U.S. military establishment who had immediate economic ties to military contractors as they were pitching the case for U.S. strikes on Syria on tv networks without disclosing their conflicts of interest.

Democracy Now: Read below the fold...

400 Brave NYC Fast Food Workers Unite & Strike!


Did you know that approximately $200 billion is grossed annually by the fast food industry?

Did you know that the average yearly salary of fast food employees in NYC is $11,000? Pretty small considering the City’s notorious sky-high rents and cost of living!

Did you know that $25,000 is the average DAILY salary of most fast food industry CEOs? (Over two times what the average NYC fast food worker makes in a year!)

Something is colossally and amorally wrong with this economic picture. Read below the fold...

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Why does NewsCorp have a broadcast license?


Once again Fox news is inciting hatred at a specific person. Why do we tolerate radio Radio Rwanda? [no-glossary]The 1934[/no-glossary] act that created the FCC specifically forbids hate speech directed against a specific person. Even if it is the cable property being used in this way, why do we permit corporations who use their cable properties in this way to also hold broadcast licenses? Read below the fold...

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When do we start filing complaints with the FCC?

Fox Fabricates 'Death Book' for Vets

So when do we start filing complaints with the FCC in a systematic effort to get Murdoch's FCC license pulled? And when do we start to contact his institutional investors and bond holders and suggest that investing in lies might not be consistent with their fiduciary responsibility? When do we start to exact a serious price for this sort of editorial subversion? Read below the fold...

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Open letter to Democrats on Capitol Hill, TURN OFF THE DAMN TV!!!

I have been watching more cable TV news recently and it is MUCH worse than I expected. It is Soviet, no, scratch that, it is like radio Rwanda. It is amazing there isn't more violence in this country.

One of the reasons our leadersheep internalize every lie that is told is that they all, elected and staff, watch the news every waking hour. In every office on Capitol Hill TVs are turned on to Cable Nonsense Noise. It just isn't necessary and actually gets in the way of understanding what is going on. Read below the fold...

scarshapedstar's picture Fox Investigating The Henhouse Edition

Get a load of this:

The head of the federal agency investigating Karl Rove's White House political operation is facing allegations that he improperly deleted computer files during another probe, using a private computer-help company, Geeks on Call.

Read below the fold...
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Proof Pols and Pundits are Plus Plodding than People: Fox/CBC Debate Cancelled

Heh. Of course, the article forgets to credit the folks most responsible, we little people who made all those phone calls and sent emails. But my Lard! Read below the fold...

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Master Debaters

There is so much talent on the intertubes. I wish I'd come up with this, but Joejoejoe gets the credit.

FOX: Are you coming to our debate?

Edwards: Hell no.

Obama (staff): We've chosen not to attend.

FOX: Two 'No's. Sen. Clinton are you coming to our debate?

Clinton: I am going to the other debates.

FOX: But are you coming to our debate?

Clinton: I'm in it to win it.

FOX: Our debate?

Clinton: I'm having a conversation with America.

Read below the fold...
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Our Leaders Suck, Part 78329 (FOX/CBC Ed.)

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Inside the CBC: Still Not Listening

Sigh. Re: this post, I got a letter from the Color of Change people, relating their experiences with the CBC on its proposed joint-hosting venture with FOX:
Read below the fold...

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The CBC Needs to Learn From Us: Just Say No to FOX

It appears our good friends at the CBC need a reminder of why the term "house negro" is deeply offensive and conditions which would engender its use be avoided. The blogosphere recently won a huge victory over our arch enemies at FOX, convincing the Nevada Democratic Party not to let FOX mediate a Democratic presidential candidate debate. But of course, evil never sleeps, and FOX is at it again, this time with the CBC. Watch this video first:

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Fascism Less Fashionable Among Fox Viewers

Ha. This is the long War, kids. We've got to wean the addicts, one at a time. But let's rejoice, for now. And hope that as the scales fall, they will not regrow over anytime soon. Read below the fold...

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