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Plantidote of the Day 2013-01-14

Czech photographer Katka Pruskova shot time-lapse footage of 22 different flowers opening (and sometimes closing) and distilled it all down to a video less than 3 minutes long. A spectacular way to begin the week. Enjoy! (h/t americablog) Read more about Plantidote of the Day 2013-01-14

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Plantidote of the Day 2010-09-29

Common name: Oleander

Nerium oleander

Family: Apocynaceae

I'm sorry to say there's no interesting story behind this image. It's one of many blossoms on a backyard oleander bush that has been here longer than I have. I just thought it was beautiful, especially the color and the delicate ruffling of the petals. So in lieu of a story, here are some facts about oleanders. Read more about Plantidote of the Day 2010-09-29

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Plantidote of the Day 2010-09-24


Common name: Butterfly bush or summer lilac

Family: Scrophulariaceae (figwort)

Genus: Buddleia (or Buddleja)

Species: davidii

Originally from Asia, the butterfly bush is a woody perennial that can be grown in all zones, but is happiest in zones 5 to 10. Overall, it's a low-maintenace plant. It does well in full sun and average soil. Small plants need regular watering, but once they're established butterly bushes are drought tolerant – which is why this one is in my Zone 10 backyard. Read more about Plantidote of the Day 2010-09-24

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Plantidote of the Day 2010-09-23


Common name: Pineapple sage

Family: Lamiaceae (Mint)

Genus: Salvia

Species: Elegans

This particular pineapple sage was bought on a whim while raiding the local garden store's catnip plant stock. A few months ago, it was just a few inches high. Now it's about 12” tall and I've started two more plants from cuttings. (The process could not be easier. Just break off 4” to 6” from the tip of a branch, remove the lowest leaves and stick the stem in water. Roots appear in a few days.) Read more about Plantidote of the Day 2010-09-23

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End of April Fleur Show, with Adorable Critter Co-Gardeners

Welcome to Spring, Correntians! It's here, for all we're still getting a tad frosty at night. Normal Warning: lots of pics, long load for dial up folk. Read more about End of April Fleur Show, with Adorable Critter Co-Gardeners

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Sunday Bulb Explosion

I need a new computer. It was way too much work to get these uploaded. So I'm going to have to limit the pics here to a few and send you to my flickr page, sorry. When I have some time (hah) I really should figure out if there's a faster way to do this, suggestions are appreciated. Now, on to Spring Glory! As always, if you've got any you want to add in the comments, please feel free.


F-something, a bulb I picked up last fall in Holland, MI (TOTALLY WORTH THE TRIP, btw) It's only a little thing today, but it should get to 5 feet high with these fabulous flowers draping down a long stem. Read more about Sunday Bulb Explosion

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Fall Food and Flowers

Sorry I haven't had the time to gardenblog. I've been, well, in the garden too much, and too wiped out after canning and harvesting to do pics. But I have some. I missed a period for good pics but I'll show some results instead. First up: Fleurs. Hecate has some going still, and I do too:
DSCF0305Mums did well, if a tad slow, this year. Nice and bright. Read more about Fall Food and Flowers

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Where to find the sharpest political commentary in the NYT

Why, in the garden section, of course!

A reporter's morning walk through the lovely Manhattan flower market on West 28th street finishes up with a suggestion for a visit to a very special local bookstore: Read more about Where to find the sharpest political commentary in the NYT

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Friday Food and Flower Posting, For You, Bruce D!

Our good friend Bruce D was teasing me about being such a flower-oriented poster, so I'm very happy to finally include some of the early performing veggies in today's garden post. Lots of pics, slow for dial up, and damn! Just try to make me slide into a bad mood today, nah. gunna. happen. Not with this much blooming and sunshine.

0523081756 Today's Mystery Bloom! I'm so sorry I can't seem to do it photojustice. Seriously, it's so delicate and lovely, and after waiting all last year with no results, it's esp satisfying to see it turn on now. Read more about Friday Food and Flower Posting, For You, Bruce D!

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Hours of the Flowers

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Rainy Sunday Morning


Mornings like this, when we get a soft rain we really need, it's easier to understand Tolkien's ponderous obsession with the seasons. You can just taste fall's kiss upon the full bloom of summer. Sweet and sharp.

I'll put up my Kos report later. Love to all the homies keeping it real. Read more about Rainy Sunday Morning

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