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Away from energy independence, and towards energy freedom

Two of the more loaded words in contemporary politics are independence and freedom. Despite their similarities in meaning they get used in very different ways. Independence is used in a more national sense, which might be natural because of its prominence in what is arguably our founding document. It doesn't seem like it is possible to disparage independence in our discourse. Even a word like patriotism, while generally well regarded, has qualifications. Independence is all good though, so anything you can attach to it is improved by the association.

This has played out for years now with the much-invoked phrase "energy independence." The latest calls for it began in the wake of 9/11 as a way to argue for policies that would remove our need to import oil from abroad. It made sense on the face of it: We send our money to oil-rich states, states that in some cases fund groups hostile to America. Buy from them and you're funding the terrorists, went the argument. (This is simply a description of what leaders put out for public consumption, not an endorsement of it.) Read below the fold...

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Is there an Energy Shock Doctrine?


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First, let’s dispense with the comforting bedtime story of energy independence. Regardless of all the campaign rhetoric, neither Romney’s “Drill Everywhere” nor Obama’s “All of the Above” energy strategies do anything for energy independence. Regardless of how much oil, gas and even alternative energy is produced by commercial operations in this country (or Canada), unless the government is prepared to either nationalize the industry or commandeer the product, companies are free to sell their goods wherever and to whomever they like. It can safely be said that neither candidate favors energy industry nationalization. The question will still remain; independent from whom? Read below the fold...

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Friday Energidote: Kitegen's Prototype Stem

And now for something completely different.

We have our plantidotes, petidotes, and insectidotes here on Corrente, but at least once I thought I might put forward an antidote that humans have made, an antidote to more than one sort of poison. Read below the fold...

Breech of the Dam and Rebirth of White Salmon River

Awesome footage from Montana site 4& on a piece about "Freeing the White Salmon River". It is the 2nd largest dam to be dismantled ever. Read below the fold...

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Mini vs Mega Burbs

[Edit for clarity: i'm visiting Chicagoland this weekend, but I no longer live in IL, and when I did I lived in South Side Chicago proper. I currently live in a suburb of MI's capitol city of Lansing. Sorry for not making that more clear in the post.] I'm on the road this weekend, but I thought I'd post some thoughts I've had while spending a lot, and I do mean a lot of time in the car. I really wish I had the opportunity to travel more, because I'd like to get more support for this thesis with my own eyes. Read below the fold...

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Al Gore to speak in Washington DC

Via Marc Ambinder, Gore will lay out "an unprecedented challenge" on energy and climate change and will set a national goal for a "clean energy future."

Who: Former Vice President Al Gore

What: A discussion on the future of America's energy needs

Where: D.A.R. Constitution Hall ­ 1776 D St., NW, Washington, DC

When: Thursday, July 17 at 12:00 p.m. EDT Read below the fold...

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CA Energy Fraud: An Tale of Predatory Government

I've got a lot to do today, so rapid posting now with return later in commments, go read this tale of what I'm going to start calling "predatory government." Here's a sample:
Read below the fold...

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