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Occupy Police!

Parody of “Every Breath You Take” by The Police (Could it get more ironic?)

Every Breath We Take
by libbyliberal
(In memory of Eric Garner)

With every breath we take at every move you make,
every bod you break, every life you take,
we’ll be watching you.

All the blood you spill, every wanton kill,
every kid you grill, every cage you fill,
we’ll be watching you. Read more about Occupy Police!

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Why Democrats Lost: It's Not All About Millennials

Carl Gibson, a writer blogging at Reader Supported News, provides an "Open Letter to the Democrats" giving his view of why they lost the Congressional Elections of 2014. He endorses the President's view that people didn't show up to vote because their choice of politicians didn't motivate them. And to this view he adds that the Democrats did not get his generation's support because they didn't “. . . get populist.” And he goes on to say:

2014’s low voter turnout was historic. Voter turnout actually hasn’t been this low since the 1940s. As Mother Jones pointed out, voter turnout for people under 30 was dismal. In this election, people like me only made up 12 percent of those who voted, while people aged 60 and older made up almost 40 percent of total voters. In 2012, when President Obama was re-elected and Congressional Democrats made gains in the House and Senate, millennials made up almost one-fifth of all voters, and voters 60 and older made up just 25 percent of the electorate, bringing us a little closer to a tie. It isn’t hard to see the difference – this year, Republicans steamrolled you, Democrats, because most of us stayed home and let our Fox-watching uncles and grandparents decide on who was going to represent everyone else.

So how do older people pick who runs Congress? Like every other voting bloc, they pick the ones who run on issues most important to them. And as Vox reported, data consistently shows that younger people want their tax dollars spent on education and job creation. Older voters want their money spent on Social Security and war. The Republicans who swept the U.S. Senate ran largely on fear campaigns over ISIS, promising to be more hawkish than their opponents in an eagerness to pour money and troops into Iraq and Syria to snuff out America’s newest boogeyman.

Contrast the unified Republican message with the profound silence from you Democrats on addressing the trillion-dollar student debt crisis, rampant inequality and underemployment, and your collective fear of openly embracing economic populism, and you cook up what we saw on Tuesday night. Older people showed up, highly motivated to elect war hawks. Younger people mostly stayed home, disillusioned with the only alternative on the ballot who didn’t even talk about the issues affecting our lives every day.

Dem Mayor de Blasio’s ‘Landslide’ [16% NYers] ... Meh


So last Tuesday a FEW of us (relatively speaking -- 24%) in NYC went to the polls to vote. (I went to vote for the Green candidates.)

It was an off-year election including for mayor and mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio of the Democratic Party with a 50 point lead was a sure thing.

He actually won by only 16% of the entire NY voting population according to Bill Van Auken in “The Democratic victory in New York and the crisis of liberalism”. Read more about Dem Mayor de Blasio’s ‘Landslide’ [16% NYers] ... Meh

Beyond Vomiting, Obama/Dem Fascism

Why Mass Citizen Indifference to the US Police State Monster?

James Petras and Robin Eastman Abaya in “The Rise of the Police State and the Absence of Mass Opposition” take on the tragic phenomenon of our ever-expanding police state first under Bush and now Obama, along with why so many Americans have remained, especially under Obama, so very passive about the ominous threat to all of us and/or our progeny. Read more about Why Mass Citizen Indifference to the US Police State Monster?

Why is the Democratic Party Allowing Obama to Destroy It?

Mike Whitney declares:

This is Barack Obama’s economy now....

Obama's failure will likely result in political change that will deliver the White House to the GOP in 2012. Then the deficit hawks will control both houses of congress and the White House, and they will slash spending and push the economy into another Great Depression. This is not speculation. This WILL happen. Obama has made sure it will happen by shrugging off the warnings of every competent economist in the country, all of whom have said repeatedly that we needed more stimulus to lower employment, to reduce the output gap, to increase GDP, and to put the economy back on track.

snip Read more about Why is the Democratic Party Allowing Obama to Destroy It?

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The continuing implosion of the Democratic Party

What happened to the Democratic Party?

The older I get, the more I see the need for a choice other than Republican or Republican-lite. Perhaps it is because I don’t come from wealth and will never be wealthy in a society which values it. Perhaps it is because I’m dealing with my 90-year-old mother being placed in a nursing home 110 miles from me, because we lack the wealth to cover the expense. Perhaps it is because I’m a triple minority in a society which values none of those, which makes nearly every day a challenge.

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We Need A Tax and Spend Party Again


It's been nearly 35 years since we've had a “tax and spend” political party. During the 1970s, the Democrats gave up fighting the Republicans about the “tax and spend” label, and the Carter Administration tried to escape from that charge by making very serious attempts to balance the budget. During the 1980s, more and more Democrats emphasized their concern for reducing deficits and balancing budgets as a way of distinguishing themselves from the Reagan Administration's unprecedented peacetime deficits. Read more about We Need A Tax and Spend Party Again

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2012: How U.S. Voters Can Wrest Control of Congress from Special Interests: A Series



Nancy Bordier

The electorate's dissatisfaction with the nation's lawmakers has reached a critical stage. A majority of U.S. voters want to see most elected representatives in Congress defeated because they favor special interests over voters' interests. Unfortunately, legal obstacles erected by the two major parties prevent voters from replacing most of these representatives unless they use the revolutionary self-organizing tools described in this series to work around them.

These obstacles range from federal and state election laws to campaign finance laws and Supreme Court decisions that favor private over public funding of elections. Voters can't change these laws within the foreseeable future. But they can circumvent them at the Congressional election district level. The web savvy 125 million voters who use the Internet to influence the outcome of the 2008 elections can use new web technologies to leverage the collective action power of the Internet and elect a majority of Congressional representatives untainted by special interests in 2012. Read more about 2012: How U.S. Voters Can Wrest Control of Congress from Special Interests: A Series

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Tweeting the Fear Card


The last couple of weeks, I've been seriously tweeting, building a following and my tweeting activity. In the process, I've come across a number of people who are simply tweeting D-party talking points. The chief among these is a variety of versions of the fear card. The formula is "if you don't like X, then just vote R or, at least not for the Ds, and you'll get a lot more of it." Read more about Tweeting the Fear Card

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Down with the legacy parties

Hugh is done, Bruce is done, Rochelle is done. In fact there is at least anecdotal evidence that a significant part of the female volunteer base has already walked.

Mike Lux has an inkling that something is amiss, but clearly fails to comprehend the extent of it. Read more about Down with the legacy parties

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Green Party candidate Dennis Spisak is running for Ohio Governor.

Being from Ohio, elections here are especially important to me as they have a more direct impact on the Buckeye State than do federal elections. So it was heartening to read at that there is an independent candidate from the left who is running for governor and who isn't culled from the pools of Big Business. His name is Dennis Spisak, and he is running for governor this year. You can check out his web site by clicking this LINK. Read more about Green Party candidate Dennis Spisak is running for Ohio Governor.

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AFL-CIO Members: Pro-Public option or Pro-Single Payer?

BarbMD declares "This is what is sounds like when someone representing the Democratic wing of the Party speaks" in reference to AFL-CIO president Trumka laying down markers for what health reform must have, including the so-called public option (It is unclear if Trumka is referring to Hacker's 2007 Medicare Plus, or the sliver public option being debated in Congress). Trumka's line in the sand is the public option, but where do member unions stand? Read more about AFL-CIO Members: Pro-Public option or Pro-Single Payer?


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