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David Broder

Broder recommends war with Iran for Obama, if he wants a second term

Broder says he's not, but of course he is. Read that column if you want to read pure, distilled, essence of predatory, grinning, skullfucking Versailles evil. Broder's column would be appalling if it weren't normal.

And Broder is, of course, exactly the sort of "middle of the road" columnist that Obama respects. Dear gawd. Read more about Broder recommends war with Iran for Obama, if he wants a second term

Politics and the English language at WaPo

When you get mildew, it's never just one plant. Whatever rotted Broder's sensibility and conscience infests everything. Take a look at this front page teaser today from Pravda on the Potomac:


It's all here, isn't it? All wrapped up in one little compact package. Read more about Politics and the English language at WaPo

Broder: Obama's w-a-a-a-a-y smarter than I am

The gentle art of teabagging is not dead.

And thank the God(ess)(e)(s) Of Your Choice, If Any, that Broder isn't being forced to sniff that woman's panties anymore. That was getting embarrassing. Read more about Broder: Obama's w-a-a-a-a-y smarter than I am

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Today's single payer post: the Dean of Payola

David Broder’s Moonlighting: Post columnist benefits from corporate speaking deals

So it’s surprising to see that Broder, who recently took a buyout, but will continue to write his Post column, appears to be a regular presence these days on the business lecture circuit, and has even spoken to major health care groups. Do a Google search and you’ll see that Broder is represented by a number of speaker’s bureaus, including Grabow, which says it is “your David Broder booking agent for private corporate events.”

Broder is identified (in various promotional and other online materials I found) as a featured speaker at events such as these:

Broder finally listens to lambert


Well, today:

More than 100 Washington Post reporters, editors, photographers, artists and other journalists will take early retirement packages offered by the company as a way to cut costs, reducing the newsroom staff by at least 10 percent.

Beltway wankers pin the bogometer on so-called "government of national unity"

white bloomers Via Digby, Bloomberg, some Village Broderites, and a bunch of 80s retreads are calling for a "government of national unity." Can we get a grip, please? On something besides all the levers of power? Google it. Read more about Beltway wankers pin the bogometer on so-called "government of national unity"

Broderella gives Huckabee a sloppy, wet kiss

And I think we know where, don't we?

From everything I have heard on the campaign trail, it's obvious that they are the pair who have earned the widest respect among the eight Republican candidates themselves. McCain is the eldest and the most honored, not only for what he endured as a Vietnam prisoner of war but as a principled battler for what he considers essential on Iraq and other national security issues.

Shorter David Broder

Broder on the Republican debate:

Mr. Nasty and Mr. Nice
Well, sure, Willard Mitt may have strapped his dog on top of his car on a family trip, and left it up there until a brown liquid ran down the back window, but at least he didn't bill the taxpayers for trysts in his love nest with Judy in the Hamptons like Rudy did.

So, they're both great candidates.


No, not really. Read more about Shorter David Broder

David Broder teabags a dead man

Wipe that liquid off your chin, Dave. You're embarassing yourself and the paper

Broder somehow gets through a whole encomium on Rove without once mentioning the words "frenum ladder" (NSFW). But this paragraph at the end caught my eye: Read more about David Broder teabags a dead man

Why does WaPo hate democracy?

Surprise! Fighting imperial wars in a democracy is very difficult. What to do?

The Man in the Grey Turtleneck has, once again, conferred the coveted honor of Wanker of the day on David Ignatius. And how well-earned! However, there's an aspect to the column that has been insufficiently highlighted:

But we go to war with the democracy we've got ...

Why does WaPo's David Broder hate democracy?

Take the package, Dave! Take the package! You're embarassing yourself, and the Depends aren't helping:

A particularly virulent strain of populism has made official Washington altogether too responsive to public opinion.

Er, Dave--If I may call you "Dave"--it's called electoral politics. Read more about Why does WaPo's David Broder hate democracy?

Broder: As it turns out, Royalty isn't such a good idea

Wanker of the Many Decades David Broder opines in a revealing paragraph stuck way down in his oh-so-balanced commentary:

Where I thought, mistakenly, that it would be a great advantage to Bush to have a White House partner without political succession in mind, it has turned out to be altogether too liberating an environment for a political entrepreneur of surpassing skill operating under an exceptional cloak of secrecy.

Yes, Broder wets himself over Bloomberg

As predictable and predicted, Broder's lost bladder control, now that there's a chance that Bloomberg might enter the 2008 race. Read more about Yes, Broder wets himself over Bloomberg

Is there no limit to "Dean" Broder's wankery?


After a weak attempt to trash Democrat Harry Reid yesterday, now Broder's fallen for [genuflects] Republican McCain, in a sort of December-December romance, not that there's anything wrong with that: Read more about Is there no limit to "Dean" Broder's wankery?


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