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The Cheese (Obama) Stands Alone -- But Not Really

EBOLA Crisis Dooming Legacy of West's Capitalism/Imperialism


So far there has been only a relatively tiny amount of international aid to combat the profoundly dangerous Ebola epidemic. There have only been a few hundred international volunteer doctors and nurses, many of whom are now dead or who have withdrawn to avoid infection. Read below the fold...

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UK anti-TTIP protests reflect urgent need in both US and UK for explicit "carve outs" in FTAs to protect the full health care policy space, including single payer, an NHS system or whatever is necessary to bring about real affordable health care

From euractiv comes an article about the uproar over NHS privatization.. which is being blotted out of the UK media...
UK anti-TTIP protests to focus on NHS privatisation.
I'm quoting it here:

“Locking in liberalisation laws”

But protestors are still worried that once a service is privately owned, it will become “extremely difficult” to renationalise it.

Read below the fold...
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Slovakia's legal battle to implement single payer VS. special corporate "rights" under "free trade agreement"- Read the documents

Recap: Slovaks were fed up with the ever rising cost of health insurance, so in 2006, they elected a government that ran on a platform promising to limit the profits of the insurers and transition to single payer. Read below the fold...

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Since our horrible US Media is blacking out all intelligent news of the anti-democratic Trade Pacts, get the scoop from a Canadian NGO's great pubs!

This post is to pass along these few URLs:

Policy Alternatives is a Canadian NGO that publishes a lot of stuff about the various FTA's that Canada has signed. Most of them the US has also signed so the issues discussed also apply to the US. But for some reason you will never ever find anything even remotely resembling an intelligent discussion about these FTAs in the US media.

So, thank you, PolicyAlternatives-

Here's how to get the best use out of their info- Read below the fold...

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The bad actors in Washington can't even be original. Will the same-old 1994 good cop/bad cop scheme succeed again in 2014?

Assuming the reader has already read the two papers linked at the bottom, and keeping in mind the made for TV drama now playing itself out in Washington, now, please take a look at The Selling of "Clinton Lite", by Trudy Lieberman, from the March/April 1994 issue of Columbia Journalism Review, Read below the fold...

Military Pundits Cover Up Conflicts of Interest Re Syria


Democracy Now addresses a new report issued by the Public Accountability Initiative entitled "Conflicts of Interest in the Syria Debate" which identified 22 commentators from the U.S. military establishment who had immediate economic ties to military contractors as they were pitching the case for U.S. strikes on Syria on tv networks without disclosing their conflicts of interest.

Democracy Now: Read below the fold...

AUSTERITY Most Savage! (some statistics)


America’s Hunger Epidemic: 'A Place at the Table' and 'American Winter' by Michael Shank

50 million Americans live in food-insecure households

1-out-of-2 American children will rely on federal assistance for food during their childhoods

106 million Americans, over 1 in 3, live below twice poverty line (less than $36,000 for a family of three)

Richest 1 percent now possess 40 percent of the nation’s wealth

----------------------------- Read below the fold...

Dr. Margaret Flowers Helps Clear the ‘Fog of Greed’


In a 1/24/13 article in Aljazeera entitled “Top CEOs plan to loot US social programmes”, Dr. Margaret Flowers powerfully calls out the motives of a mendacious “Fix the Debt” campaign launched by 80 CEOs who are determined to cut their corporate taxes even further by decimating social programs beneficial to us, the lower whopping 99% of the American citizenry.

Flowers writes: Read below the fold...

Explaining the Matrix (Think Up/Down Not Right/Left)


In his 2000 work “Escaping the Matrix: Are You Ready for the Red Pill?” Richard Moore begins: Read below the fold...

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ALEC Rock, or How to Kill a Democracy

From Mark Fiore. A simple, easy to understand cartoon explaining ALEC's influence on the legislative process.

Pass it on.

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At the Mercy of the Repairman

Matt Taibbi latest exposé in Rolling Stone is an eye-opener. He reports on a recently-concluded, and totally-ignored-by-the-MSM, trial that took place in Manhattan.

The Scam Wall Street Learned From the Mafia

The article reveals more than a decade of fraud perpetrated by TBTF banks and their middlemen. Read below the fold...


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