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Why do Employers Want a Role in Health Care?


"Why should KitchenAid make blenders and health care coverage decisions? Why should lumber companies cut trees and create hospital networks?"

Ezra Klein asks and gives some reasons why , and the New Republic too: Why CEOs Don't Get It on Health Care Read more about Why do Employers Want a Role in Health Care?

Consolidations of Authoritarianism: Bureaucracy Edition

These stories have nothing to do with each other, except that they do. The six-year campaign to get Certain People put in charge of all those alphabetic agencies in Washington is bearing fruit.

The first we will call the "Mom Said No--Let's Go Ask Daddy" amendment. It affects power companies [coughlikeEnronmaybe?cough] ability to overrule state regulators and put massive power transmission lines wherever the fuck they want. Read more about Consolidations of Authoritarianism: Bureaucracy Edition

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Thought controls robots: 3,2, 1 – Contact!


Wow. I can’t believe that we are here. This is huge. Wow. Dude - trippy.

Rajesh Rao, associate professor of computer science and engineering, and his students have demonstrated that an individual can "order" a robot to move to specific locations and pick up specific objects by generating the proper brain waves that reflect the individual's instructions. The results were presented last week at the Current Trends in Brain-Computer Interfacing meeting in Whistler, British Columbia.

Is there a Doctor in the White House?

Say, Dr. Benway?

William Burroughs:

A Model of Control
"I deplore brutality," [Dr. Benway] said. "It's not efficient. On the other hand, prolonged mistreatment, short of physical violence, gives rise, when skillfully applied, to anxiety and a feeling of special guilt. A few rules or rather guiding principles are to be borne in mind. The subject must not realize that the mistreatment is a deliberate attack of an anti-buman enemy on his personal identity. He must be made to feel that he deserves any treatment he receives because there is something (never specified) horribly wrong with him. The naked need of the control addicts must be decently covered by an arbitrary and intricate bureaucracy so that the subject cannot contact his enemy direct."

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Discuss: 300 Billion vs 400 Trillion

Quote of the day, or at least for me, from the ever impressive Nur AC:

Concerning the "Kill them all" thread below, the US is doomed to "cut and run" for the following reason: The Arab world has only 25% of the oil.
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