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Colin Powell

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11 years ago today Colin Powell lied to the UN and the world

Day of Shame

It has now been 11 years since Colin Powell pitched preemptive total war against Iraq based on obvious fictions... and since the American media absolutely swooned for it, condemning millions to death, dismemberment, or displacement.

Colin Powell's infamy Read below the fold...

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National Day of Shame

Day of Shame, 10th Anniversary

Ten years ago today, Colin Powell went to the United Nations and presented an emperor's-new-clothes argument for raining death, dismemberment, and displacement onto the people of Iraq.

Colin Powell Gets Mad at Me

Colin Powell's Tangled Web Read below the fold...

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Day of Shame Wrap-Up: We'll Meet Again

Thank you for helping commemorate the fifth anniversary of the biggest sucker deal in Manhattan since Peter Minuit bought the place. Read below the fold...

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Day of Shame Links #8

At Maine Owl, The Owl well remembers the day Powell threw us a Curveball and digs into the archives for a chilling timeline of the days of shame that followed the boffo U.N. anthrax-and-pony show. Highly recommended reading.

James at The Mahatma X Files recalls what he said on the first anniversary: "one the most infamous acts of Propaganda in World history. We must never forget." Read below the fold...

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Day of Shame Links #7

A Poetic Justice suggests giving peace a chance.

For Alan Perlman, AKA "The Jewish Atheist," the Day of Shame doesn't quite bring on a peaceful, easy feeling. He sees Powell as "a magnificent example of affirmative action run amok."

When asked about his, IMHO, provocative statements about the role of race in Powell's career, Dr. Perlman replied thusly: Read below the fold...

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Day of Shame Links #6

Elayne Riggs holds out hope that Barack Obama is the anti-Powell.

QSR (Quick Service Restaurant News):
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Day of Shame Links #5

Driftglass marks the Day of Shame with pictures, poetry, and heartfelt prose:

The number of dead Iraqis, who might as well be so many Pac Man dots, so little do they matter to us as real, live human beings anymore. Not that they ever did, really.

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Day of Shame Links #4

On February 7, 2003, Slacktavist described Powell's presentation thusly:

"POWELL'S EVIDENCE LOOKING SHAKY. No smoking gun, lots of smoke and mirrors."

If there's one thing I hate, it's 20/20 hindsight. Goddamn hippies!

See also Editor and Publisher on "5 Years Ago: When the Press Helped Colin Powell Sell the War." Read below the fold...

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Day of Shame: Live and let die

The internets are chock full of handy lists.

An oft-posted one is "Colin Powell's Rules to Live By," which is generally set up with a gushy intro, like this one:

I was watching my favorite show on The View today, MLK Day and General Colin Powell was on. What a great father figure, so steady and self assured. Elizabeth mentioned his list of rules to live by and I had to look it up. So here it is.

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Day of Shame Links #2

If you look around YouTube, you'll find that the MSM's Powell/U.N. postmortems are all about rehabilitating the general's reputation.

So, it's left to the blogosphere, and great work like Jonathan Schwarz's, to painstakingly detail the shameful lies. Read below the fold...

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Day of Shame Links #1

Here is the first helping of contributions to the Day of Shame blogswarm, 2008...

In reply to this year's call-to-action, whaleshaman muses about that vial of non-anthrax.

Batocchio's superb analysis, like Gaul, is divided into three parts. With understatement that burns, Batocchio says "It wasn't a pleasant feeling, knowing we were almost certainly going to war based on flimsy reasons." Read below the fold...

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The day the music died

[Welcome, Crooks & Liars readers!] was created to promote observances and analyses of the run-up to the Iraq War and of the fateful day when the reality-based community seemingly lost its charter. And we're looking for you to help recollect, commiserate, and if possible, make sense of it all.

On February 5, 2003, Secretary of State Colin Powell addressed the United Nations to rally support for an invasion of Iraq.

His presentation contained little substance and numerous obvious flaws, and the international community was unimpressed.

America's mainstream media, however, declared it "compelling." Read below the fold...

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Powell: I told you so. Well, I told him so.

All we can do is again wish that Powell had lov'd Caesar less and lov'd Rome more:
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Happy Day of Shame!

The presents are wrapped, you've taken satellite photos of the trees — and experts have determined that they're arboreal weapons labs.

That can only mean one thing: today is America's Day of Shame. Read below the fold...

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The Bull(shit) in the China Shop


(Sigh)  Men don't quite understand it.  And one woman deliberately spins it.

From the blog, Halfway There, the post Saucing the Goose highlights Colin Powell's "Pottery Barn Rule"--but neither one see the Truth:

Take a gander at this

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