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Chuck Schumer

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Chuck Schumer (D-Prison Industry)


Chuck Schumer is the lead Senate Democrat working on immigration reform--he gets to decide whether millions of undocumented immigrants will be imprisoned or legalized. Yet he’s also taken over $100,000 in campaign contributions from the private prison industry. Is it any surprise he’s pushing for billions more dollars spent on increased enforcement and detention of immigrants?

We are ruled by monsters. Read more about Chuck Schumer (D-Prison Industry)

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Chuck Schumer is completely useless

Athenae has the latest on how our worthless politicians are failing those in the path of Sandy.

I want to pour a special measure of scorn for Schumer. He is a very powerful Senator. He has access to microphones. He has the ability to get in front of a camera. He is in a position to do something. But he does nothing. What a FAIL. Read more about Chuck Schumer is completely useless

Izvestia: the middle ground in health care reform is a public option that's public in name only

Izvestia-on-the-Hudson "reports" today that Senator Schumer, "scorched by Republican opposition to the idea of a new public program like Medicare," (scorched? what're they gonna do, take away his birthday?) offers a "middle ground": a public plan based on a set of principles, the first of which is that it won't be supported by public funds:

The public plan must be self-sustaining. It should pay claims with money raised from premiums and co-payments. It should not receive tax revenue or appropriations from the government.

Upchuck Schumer, DINO, gives Bush retroactive im[p|m]unity on torture

bananaThe Op-Ed pages of the Times are chock full of Republican apologists today, aren't they? And, funny thing, they're all advocating retroactive im[m|p]punity for criminals! Read more about Upchuck Schumer, DINO, gives Bush retroactive im[p|m]unity on torture

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